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Found 3 results

  1. For anyone who would want to see the size difference between L2 & L3 larvae. L3 will become a lot larger but shrink again prior to pupation draining liquid out of the body to forge cocoon with mix of frass and surrounding substrate.
  2. PowerHobo

    D. tityus Behavior

    One of my female and my male D. tityus have been appearing more and more on the surface lately, and either they've been eating their jelly or the jelly has simply shrunk (not sure if this happens or not), so I went ahead and transferred these two to a 3-gallon terrarium with about 2" of organic compost in the bottom for breeding purposes (hopefully). The male burrowed immediately and hasn't been seen since, but the female actively explored the tank for about 90 minutes (she was particularly interested in the corners, something she'd done in the larger tank before) before diving headfirst into their jelly (literally). She was out of it 30 minutes or so later when I went to sleep, but when I woke up she's buried in the jelly up to her elytra again. I was actually afraid she'd unintentionally committed suicide, but a prod on the behind proved she's still alive. I apologize if I'm being overly concerned, but as this is my first time with rhinos, their behavior is all new to me. Is this something to be expected from her; literally gorging in preparation for mating and egg-laying? Or is this potentially stress-related behavior?
  3. Goliathus

    Chrysina woodi

    Does anyone here have any experience / advice on how to collect (or breed) Chysina woodi? I know that this species is found in the Davis Mtns. and surrounding ranges, the flight season is primarily from Aug - Sept., the host tree is native walnut (Juglans spp.), and that it is attracted to MV & UV lights, but have very little other info about it.