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Found 6 results

  1. For anyone who would want to see the size difference between L2 & L3 larvae. L3 will become a lot larger but shrink again prior to pupation draining liquid out of the body to forge cocoon with mix of frass and surrounding substrate.
  2. All About Arthropods

    AAA's Coleoptera Corner

    Good evening. 😛 I've decided to start up a photo thread on my pretty small, but growing beetle collection after finally learning how to share pictures easily here thanks to the one and only, @Hisserdude. Let's begin things with my most miniscule and possibly most otherworldly species, your favorite pest, Mezium affine. Mezium affine Adults
  3. Hey, guys. Overly-cautious Hyperdistortia back at it again with the substrate questions. Ok, so I know good A. dichotoma substrate needs to be mostly leaf litter and rotten oak or beech wood. It also needs to be VERY fine as to allow the larvae to consume it faster so they can spend less time chewing and more time just growing (I think). So, once I go Into The Woods and find some rotten or decaying pieces of oak and lots of dead leaves, how do I mix and grind them to a fine substrate? Do you guys usually go to a sawmill place and ask to use their wood chippers or something? Again, thanks for all the info, guys. I really want to make sure I can actually go through with raising larvae into imago and that I'm not inept, haha.
  4. Ellentomologist

    Hello from the US!

    Hello everyone! My name is Ellen and I am someone who is quite new to the hobby of beetle breeding. In fact, I'm so new I don't have any beetles at the moment! But I am looking to get some very soon. A little background on me... I'm an undergraduate studying Microbiology, though I hope to pursue a graduate degree in entomology. I live in the United States, so getting most exotics is quite difficult because of our laws. Right now I am looking for other breeders in the US I might be able to buy from. I am also working on the overly-involved import paperwork. My ultimate goal is to rear G. Goliathus, but I plan on starting with M. Ugandensis or a few native species. I am a very friendly person and would love to chat if there's anyone out there who wants to give me advice or just talk a little! Cheers, -Ellen
  5. Help! I began with 11 small Harelquin Flower Beetle larvea back in October. I currently have 3 large grubs and 3 pupating in cocoons. 1 adult emerged a few days ago!!! woot woot! and was happily eating apple. I found it to be dead today and I'm not sure what went wrong. Booo! I've been keeping them in a small tank, screen lid, great substrate of leaves, wood crumbs etc., at room temp. What could have gone wrong? I'd like to be able to succeed with the rest as they become beeltes! Please offer any information... Thanks
  6. I have a seller who claims to be selling all kinds of Goliathus sp. from within the US. I know these are native to Africa, so is this even legal in the United States? He claims that his shipping company takes care of all the paperwork, etc., and that I don't have to do anything but sign for the package. I'd love to have some, of course, but don't want to get in trouble. His name is Arnold Bois, and now he wants paid via Western Union. Sigh....