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  1. Bugoodle

    Beetle Problem

    Price and Shipping?
  2. Thank you! Speaking of Scarite beetles, my niece just found a huge one! An inch long. It could be a Warrior Beetle. However, this beetle is having a problem. He constantly falls over on his back and can't get up. My niece said she found him that way. Probably an older specimen or sick. He's in a seperate container. I'll keep my eye on him. EDIT: I released him, as I kept seeing him fall on his back. I hope the best for him. He crawled away fine under my deck.
  3. Bugoodle

    Beetle Problem

    Edit: Whoops! Sorry Hisser Dude! For some reason I got you confused with Lucanus. Up ttoo late, time to take my sleeping pill. I mean, still, if you or anyone else happen to own these, hit me up. lol
  4. Me and my niece had a break today though, tonight we found a lot of large Rice Beetles. Now I have 5 of them, but only one male - and he is making grubs with the females. How long is a beetle's/scarab's gravid period before laying eggs?
  5. I don't think they play dead, they actually look intimidating when frightened. They tuck their legs, and lift their head up with opened mandibles. I wish I knew what type of millipede I caught. We actually have 2, (my niece found one) but not much can be found on millipedes in Virginia besides Apheloria virginiensis and they don't make good pets(they won't eat or anything and just die). I wonder if what I have is a young Narceus americanus .
  6. American Carrion Beetles arent endangered, but they can be hard to spot as they spend their time on rotten flesh. I found this one on a small piece of poop, and I accidently touched it. Ugh. Here's the Scarite Ground Beetles: The Carrion Beetle: And the unknown millipede. He's probably close to 2 inches or less. He doesn't stop moving so I can't measure him:
  7. UGH! 😡 Worst bug hunt ever! I always find bess beetles there! I only found 2 large DEAD ones. Not even worth keeping, as their heads were missing! I was and still pissed off! But I will return there one day and look inside the logs, not just under. 😤 However, I did catch an American Carrion Beetle and some kind of millipede. When my camera charges(which takes forever), I'll take pictures. I also have 2 nice sized female rice beetles, a mating pair of scarites ground beetle(not sure what species they are, they are small)
  8. Bugoodle

    Packaging Beetles For Shipment..

    Ok, thanks. Wish I already did my bug hunt. Tomarrow is 90 degrees and the rest of the week is 88 degrees with thunderstorms every day. That might of kept things cooler. Maybe all the storms will result in a cool front next week, and I need to get those ice packs. So I should keep my containers more dry? I totally understand heat and humidity thing. Can I add at least some quencher jell if they get thirsty?
  9. Bugoodle

    Packaging Beetles For Shipment..

    Thanks guys! What substrate should I put in the containers with the bugs? I'm focusing on bess beetles, rice beetles(scarab), and tiger beetles. I got millipedes in dirt(one dead), and BIC's Harlequin Flower beetle in a cup with a dry paper towel(I guess it dried out.. Harlequin Beetle came alive and well though.)
  10. I could use some help. Whats the best cooling pack? I've found some cold packs online, ones sold on bug sites, but they only last 24 hours! I ship via Priority Mail usps which takes between 1-3 days delivery. I found one that last 96 hours, and keeps the temps at 2-8 celsius but they are like $600! Any one have any ideas? I don't want the beetles to bake! Thanks for help!
  11. I caught 2 nice sized Dyscinetus morator. Nothing massive last night though. A male and female, both just a little over 1/2 inch. Both are mating too! Edit: I released them. Those things were shrimps when compared to the one I own. I'll look again tonight. Going bug hunting at the park sometime next week, depends on the weather.
  12. I love scarabs. I'm currently on the hunt for an Eastern Hercules Beetle, Ox Beetle, Hermit Flower Beetle, Rainbow Dung Beetle, Grapevine Beetle. Non native species I would like are, Ten-lined June Bug, Sun Beetle(Pachnoda marginata) and Striped Flower Beetle(Eudicella gralli), but if you have any type of scarab not mentioned(I'm not sure about stags, I get a little worried it might hurt my smaller beetles) show pictures of them!
  13. Thanks! Also I know that express shipping is the recommended shipping method but it's awfully pricey. I purchased my Harlequin Flower Beetle via Priority Mail from BIC and she came in just fine. The more money I save the more I can ship out. I barely make any money. Me and my niece will be going on a bug hunt at a near by park soon, well known habitat for Bess Beetles, beautiful American Carrion Beetles, the shiny and rare Carolina Tiger Beetles, large hissing Warrior Beetlees, the elusive Eastern Herculese Beetle, and other pretty beetles that I don't even know what they are. If I'm successful I will offer my caught insects for trade.
  14. Bugoodle

    Pelidnota punctata Help!

    Since reproductive organs came out, there's nothing you can do but allow him to rest out his final moments in peace. Super glue is also toxic. I've seen videos of this person who would help damaged butterflies, this person would collect dead wings and use them to repair to missing/damaged wings on live butterflies. I think it could be some type of taxidermy glue, I don't remember. They can live without a leg though. Don't feel bad though, accidents happen, everyone steps on bugs, including pet bugs that have escaped their enclosure. I accidently killed my carrion beetle earlier this year. She was very old and fragile, I didn't see her under the rock cave and accidently hit her when moving it. I almost cried.