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  1. BensBeasts1

    Spider Beetle Time Lapse

    Wow so many beetles in those containers, must be hard to open the container without escapes.
  2. BensBeasts1

    Ant queen

    Yeah I think it is some sort of Tetramorium sp. The queen has started laying eggs. And my only other queen a Camponotus pennsylvanicus, has also started producing her eggs also.
  3. BensBeasts1

    Morpho butterfly coloration

    Wow so cool!
  4. BensBeasts1

    Ant queen

    If anyone lives near the capitol I could probably give it away or sell it. But I think it will have to be in my state.
  5. BensBeasts1

    Ant queen

    I just caught an ant queen can someone help identify. I think it is either Lasius niger or Monomorium minimum. She is a little under 1 cm.
  6. The Scarite Ground Beetle species is Scarites subterraneus.
  7. Sorry I confused the two, now I remember. Don't the Scarite Ground Beetles play dead or am I thinking of another beetle that looks similar? Also very nice millipede.
  8. That really sucks, sometime you just get nothing. You do know the American Carrion Beetle is Endangered right?
  9. BensBeasts1

    Collecting trip tips

    Where are you going through WV?
  10. BensBeasts1

    Packaging Beetles For Shipment..

    Yeah you really don't need it, Stepp Goins sent me some larvae and they arrived very safe without a hot or cold pack.
  11. BensBeasts1

    Tips and care for Lucanus elaphus!

    Just got them in the mail, any information on their care? Or tips on keeping them?
  12. I don’t know which one it is they look very similar and they both fly low like this one did. I caught 3 of them in my pool among with some dead ones.
  13. I was getting oak wood from a stump when Pelidnota punctata suddenly came out of the ground. Previously the were Odontotaenius disjunctus, Euphoria inda, and now Pelidnota punctata. I knew to be careful and throughout collecting wood, I found 2 adults. I was about to leave, but then I saw movement, I then dug with my fingers to find another adult! When I looked carefully at it, it was injured by me! One of Its legs was gone, another leg didn't move around very much. And some reproductive parts were outside. I jumped into action to try to save the beetle the best I could. I remembered seeing a video where someone used glue to save a tarantula abdomen. So I got some super glue, and glued the part where his missing leg was so he didn't bleed anymore. Now I have him under my watch and as soon as he gets better I will release him. Should I do anything else? Should I have used some other glue. Do you think he will survive? Am I over reacting? IDK?
  14. Does anyone have tips on care for Lucanus elaphus or care for Lucanus elaphus. I would like to know because I am a noob.
  15. No you don't need a permit if you are trading, and the PPQ 526 does not cost money.