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  1. Djé

    10 Lined June Beetle Rearing

    2 correct answers have been given here: Bird seeds and carrots BUT young stages also eats humus/decaying matters I am currently trying to breed Polyphylla Fullo, our biggest and most beautifull melolonthine scarabs For fullo something like 60% of the substrate must be sand Can't believe a second that in good breeding conditions larval cycle will be 4-5 years
  2. Djé

    Hello from France

    Hi everyone, I 'm beetle breeder from South France. I had breed various species in the last 15 years but was more into Lucanus sp breeding a few years ago. Currently I'am breeding just a few beetles species, half of them being from my country, (and my rooms are already full of larvas and beetles boxes!) but I would definitely like more again in the future 😀