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  1. the_cream_man

    Carabus auratus

    Thanks, I can totally understand where you're coming from with this. I essentially live in Acadia national Park so I often think about if the millions of tourists who come up were to all do what I'm doing what it would be like. But your right that the reality is that me collecting a handful of beetles isn't going to make the smallest dent in local populations.
  2. the_cream_man

    Carabus auratus

    Thanks for the well thought out reply, I work in the field of science as well and definitely understand the importance of taxonomy and using a kill jar in that circumstance. My interest in entomology though is more along the lines of being a hobbyist or artist though which is why I didn't feel particularly great about the idea of killing some beetles just to display them in my apartment. I'm not sure if there is a prevailing consensus on this in the beetle community when it comes to non-scientific collections!
  3. the_cream_man

    Carabus auratus

    Thanks all, I have to ask... What's the consensus on the kill jar? I returned these where I found them but was very tempted to take some to mount. Is collecting to mount generally frowned upon??
  4. the_cream_man

    Carabus auratus

    Found these golden ground beetles tonight. I live in Maine so we typically don't get many shiny beetles so I thought these were pretty cool! I released them back into their nest (were probably 15 or 20 of them in an old compost bin)
  5. Hey all, I usually lurk on any forum i'm part of but what the heck, here's my intro. I live in Maine and work in a genotyping lab focusing on lab automation (not SUPER techy but I like to tinker). Got 5 L2 Dynastes tityus grubs off Bugs in Cyberspace and have a few of Orin McMonigle's books on Beetle breeding. Very interested in breeding for novel mutations/colors if I can get a colony established. I've read a lot about the hobby in Japan and have watched a lot of videos by 'Beetle Breeding Daniel Ambuehl', as I am also very interested in insects as a sustainable food source. Particularly interested in detrivores that are used as food in existing cultures. A lot of entomophagy is focused on things like mealworms and crickets. Since those eat things people can eat they aren't super exciting to me, though I do have a Tenebrio molitor colony--. Would love to find some species that eat leaves or dead wood that have edible stages of the life-cycle. Excited about finding like-minded people potentially near-by! Would also love to learn about how to make the beetle hobby sustainable, exited to read about making things like oak-flake soil at home so I don't need to spend wild amounts of money on ground up leaves! 😰 Also very interested in the isopod hobby. I have a handful of species but nothing that is TOO extravagant. 🐞 Joe