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    Carnivorous Plants

    That's so cool! I've only ever seen CPs in private collections - never in the wild.
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    Carnivorous Plants

    Hate to call you out on this but CPs do best in low/no nutrient soils. In fact, soils with too many nutrients/minerals/salts will kill the plant. You are correct that they require sunlight - in fact, most CPs require HIGH intensity light (full sun or extremely bright artificial lighting - I use both). Some CP species such as nepenthes can tolerate lower levels of light but something like a sundew, american pitcher plant, or VFT requires high levels of light to grow well. While most CPs can tolerate extended periods without feeding, you will get the best growth with regular infrequent feeding. For example, feed your pitcher plants every 2-4 weeks but not with every watering. Do not fertilize the soil. You can introduce insects to the pitchers or traps. Like the soil, the water used must be pure and nutrient-free so a TDS of <50ppm is preferred. The closer you get to 0ppm TDS, the better.