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  1. RexaDynastes3516

    Ebay shipping

    If it's within the states it's not likely to be caught, however if you are trying to receive the package from overseas there's a high possibility you'll get a knock on your door from some federal agents. I would not risk it unless you have a permit specifically for importing that species. Try finding a seller within the states, it's much safer that way!
  2. Haven't had much luck with finding any sort of large beetles on the trips I've taken to the coast, as there aren't many interesting beetle species in California to begin with. Although you might be able to find some various June beetles(and maybe some fig beetles if you are lucky!) during the summer months! I know there are also a good lot of darkling beetles here but they tend to live closer to the desert.
  3. Gorgeous larvae!! Very helpful for identification
  4. RexaDynastes3516

    Hello from California!

    Heya! Just another beetle fan from the sunny state of Cali! I currently own some death feigning beetles, and hopefully (crossing my fingers!) some hercules beetles! I definitely have a soft spot for scarabs, as those are my favorite beetles overall, but I also love stags and darklings. If anyone knows of any breeders that are in the US/will ship to Cali, please let me know! I’m always looking for new buggies :D