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  1. I came upon some Osmoderma ermicola this summer and decided to try my hand at rearing them in captivity. My male and female died within a month or so as I expected, but I also ended up with 15 larvae at various stages. I'm certain of the 1i larva, as they hatched from eggs laid by the female in a separate container, but I'm uncertain of the larger larva I dug out of the dying willow. I'm not certain if the largest are 2i or 3i; they are approximately 2" long. I'm keeping the larva communally in rotted wood taken from the dead tree in which I found them. I've read through some postings on the forum about Osmoderma, and seen their diapause mentioned. I've observed them slowing down as the summer turns to fall. I anticipate that they will enter diapause soon. My questions: -- How big is each stage before molting into the next? -- Is it better to keep them in my bug room at a constant 82F while they diapause or should I keep them at room temperature during that time? Or refrigerate them as I do my salamanders? -- Is two years the actual time it takes from egg to adult? I've seen it listed at up to 5 years on some sites.
  2. Axolotl

    Resting period for new imagos?

    Thank you for this info. I received the eggs under one name. Waiting until the full coloration develops to verify it is said species. I can say that it is a large species, so I'll expect it to take some time.... or at least not get too impatient! If I do handle them during this "resting" period, will it complicate things down the road? I do like to dig them out once a week and check on them.
  3. Hello all. I'm very new to beetles, so forgive my ignorance. I couldn't find the info I'm looking for on Google. I currently have 6 Dynastes beetles in various stages, including 2 female and 1 male imago that emerged within the past two weeks. They are in a 10 gallon aquarium with 4" of substrate that I use for my roaches (coco fiber, leaf litter, organic compost, rotted wood, hardwood flake soil, etc.). So far they have remained buried and are not eating. I have offered real maple syrup, beetle jelly, apples and mangos. They only come out when I get them out, and they are very lethargic. They're being kept in my bug room, which averages 80-82 F. It was suggested to me that there is a "resting period" for these beetles after becoming imago. I was led to believe that resting period is 6-8 weeks for my particular species (think BIG). Is this true? Will they come out of the soil and start eating after resting?