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  1. Hello Beetle Forum, After looking over this website it appears that a few of the forum members actually have beetles that they are for sale. I am currently a PhD student at Texas A&M and I am looking to purchase various beetles for an upcoming research project. I have found it rather difficult to find dealers/hobbyist that sell beetles online, so I was very excited to find this website. If you all have beetles that are for sale, please contact me with a list of the available beetles. I am going to attempt to place this email in the classifieds but wanted to include it in the General Discussion in hopes of more views. I appreciate your help, Koyle My email is: chickenman97@tamu.edu
  2. chickenman97

    Extended Pupal Stage

    Thank you Pewrune and JKim for your replies. I will look into the species you identified. Thanks again, chickenman97
  3. chickenman97

    Extended Pupal Stage

    Hello Forum, I am wondering if anybody knows of a species of beetle that has an extended pupal stage of 1 month or more in captivity at room temperature? Ideally, the longer the pupal stage the better(2-6 months). I appreciate any guidance that can be given regarding this subject. Thank you, CM