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  1. MasterOogway

    Buprestis rufipes and Stenelytrana gigas (video)

    😀😅😅 Oh man, glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's good fun to confuse my neighbors this way.
  2. MasterOogway

    Chrysina beyeri (video)

    I'm replacing/adding oak leaves (primarily) to my Gymnetis bins at least once a month at this point, with probably anywhere between 25-50 grubs in some 17L bins. They don't eat as much as my Pachnodas, but are still hungry little monsters.
  3. MasterOogway

    Chrysina beyeri (video)

    Good to know. I've got a 17L bin ready for some grubs, but have plentiful 32oz deli cups available as well. I may give both a try and see how it goes. As always, thanks for the information on these guys!
  4. MasterOogway

    Cactus Long Horn Beetle emerged

    Very cool! I consistently get larvae from my adults, but haven't had any pupate yet. I can really only feed cut prickly pear cactus here instead of the whole plant unfortunately, which I think hobbles my efforts. And yeah, they seem to be pretty long lived, I'd definitely agree on that aspect. Definitely some fun little beetles though. Edit: On a whim, I just decided to dig through their bin and found 2 pupal cells, so turns out I've got at least 2 that are trying. Did yours build cells? How long was the pupation?
  5. MasterOogway

    Chrysina beyeri (video)

    I'm interested to know the size difference in singly vs communally raised grubs. Please let us know once the single-raised grubs start to emerge!
  6. MasterOogway

    Chrysina beyeri

    Right? Would there be any issues keeping even L1's in bin with a clay layer underneath the flake/leaf litter mix? I'm going to be out on paternity leave for a while after our C. gloriosa come in and am trying to cut back on the amount of work the rest of the staff will have to do while I'm gone. Was thinking I'll just set up the bins with the clay layer already in so they won't have to worry about it. I couldn't really think of anything tragic that would happen, but I've been surprised before....
  7. MasterOogway

    Chrysina beyeri

    You guys rock. Thanks for the info and the thread link. 😍
  8. MasterOogway

    Chrysina beyeri

    So pretty! I have some C. gloriosa on the way, will be my first time working with this genus. Any advice?
  9. MasterOogway

    Light trapping

    If you can do it right, I think you should do so. I'm with Mantis on this one.
  10. MasterOogway

    Light trapping

    Yeah, getting stuff to an AZA institution has a lot more hurdles than just dealing with private individuals. Everyone who wants to vend to a zoo (insects are really the only animals that typically come into zoos from private persons in any numbers) has to at least fill out some preliminary paperwork and potentially agree to a site visit; and if you deal with permitted animals the private individual *must* have an APHIS permit which a surprising number of invert vendors simply don't have. Native stuff doesn't need that, but again, a surprising number of people simply don't want to deal with it, and won't. Even Peter (who is literally like 20 minutes south of me) hasn't done it yet for us, even though we've asked. It's a tough problem. Bugs of America and LPS are the 2 main zoo suppliers that I know about, and that we work with here too.
  11. MasterOogway

    Dorcus Hopei

  12. MasterOogway

    Light trapping

    Man that's a heck of a setup! I'm no collector, but I do plan on doing some light trapping this summer to collect some neat natives for the Insect Zoo. It's been a lonnngggg time since I've done any collecting (college entomology class I believe) but am pretty excited to get back into it.
  13. MasterOogway

    New Keeperfrom the West Coast

    We've got a colony of Romalea microptera/guttata in at the moment! We're also planning on getting back in the Eumegaladon blanchardi game, and possibly also Macryolyristes corporalis. Some fun orthopterans out there though, for sure.
  14. MasterOogway

    New Keeperfrom the West Coast

    I'd really like to work with Chrysina gloriosa, as it's just such a pretty US native. I think we're also going to try and give one of the Sagra species a shot, especially if I can convince my hort dept. to let me culture some Kudzu vine. Other genera on my radar right now are some of the Mecynorrhina (so pretty!), Goliathus, Cyclommatus metallifer (Looking forwards to jumping into the Lucanids in general), and probably getting back into some Dynastes as well. For us, we need a good balance of display animals that are bright and colorful, or have interesting behaviors, and education animals that are touchable, kind of slow, and pretty sturdy. Open to any cool suggestions too!
  15. MasterOogway

    New Keeperfrom the West Coast

    Indeed I do. And thanks! G. caseyi was my intro in the beetle world, thankfully they're easy or I think it would have scared me out of it. But, after seeing a a bunch of little grubs turn into dirt balls and then awesome little black and yellow beetles, I got hooked really quickly. I think the best thing about working in the zoo though is having the APHIS permit and the support of a really good staff around us. It's going to hopefully let us work with some truly awesome species in the coming years.