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    Beetles and other orders ( like big bugs and I can not lie). I also sell Asbolus verrucosus at a very good price. I am always looking for unique beetles, scorpions, grasshoppers, wasps, the list goes on, I would like to meet other collectors. Thanks

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  1. BlueberryBeetle77

    Hello from Indiana

    Thank you Ratmosphere!
  2. BlueberryBeetle77

    Hello from Indiana

    Howdy from Southern Indiana, nope we are not just all flat with cornfields here, actually it is hilly and I love to explore caves. BUT my favorite part of living in Indiana besides family is the obvious....cool beetles. We get Lucanus elaphus and Dynastes tityus here. They aren't very common, but they are here. I have been into insects ever since I was 5 years old. I give credit to God thru my Dad who inspired me by bringing home a praying mantis he found at his work. I am not 38 years old and feeling every bit of it, haha, you can check more out about me at www.creationsfinest.com