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  1. Mantisfan101


    Awesome beetles! Hopefully we can get these legalized within the US sometime soon...
  2. Mantisfan101

    Favorite animal and why?

    Exotic mantids, insects, parituclarly mantds, cockroaches, beetles, and ants along with fish, especially cichlids(south and central american) especially amphilophus and apistogramma.
  3. Mantisfan101


    Some qiestions I’ve been wondering about- My male D. Tityus finally emrged two days ago and the female emrged 2 months before him. How long will it take for his exoskeleton to become fully sclerotised and do I have to hibernate him in order to breed him with my female? Also, he’s like teice the female’s body size so would it be safe to leave him with her? Finally, his foreleg’s last tarsus appears to be swollen and red, it’s the “claw” section or the tip of the legs.
  4. Exactly what it implies although i doubt that there is a solid answer to this question, probably depending on a wide range if factors.
  5. Mantisfan101

    Hibernation questions for D. Tityus

    Thanks again for the speedy responses! His pupa is at the poin when the eyes and mouthparts are dark amd I can see his limbs under the shell if i shine a light. I can also just barely make out his top horn from above below the pupal skin.
  6. Mantisfan101

    Hibernation questions for D. Tityus

    Also, do the pupal chambers need to stored horizontally or vertically for the adults to properly emerge? Thanks once again!
  7. Mantisfan101

    Hibernation questions for D. Tityus

    Ah, thanks! So hibernation isn’t necessary for them to lay eggs, got it. However, I have 3 other male larvae that are nowhere near pupating and 1 male pupa that should emerge in a few weeks, should I hibernate he female just so that the others can catch up? Thanks!
  8. Mantisfan101

    Hibernation questions for D. Tityus

    Thank you, but she emerged during the middle of winter. Also I have heard that hibernating helps mature the female’s ovaries and eggs, is this true?
  9. Is hibernation reauired for females to lay eggs? What’s the temperature range that they should be kept at and how long should I let my female D. Tityus hibernate?
  10. Mantisfan101

    How to hibernate

    I was thinking the same but it seemed a bit too cold, would it be safe for all the other produce and stuff? But then again I have my test tube setup with my camponotus chromaiodes colonies in there for at least 3 months by now and they’re doing fine...
  11. Mantisfan101

    How to hibernate

    My D. Tityus female emerged but I need to hibernate her, yet I don’t have any proper hibernation setups. I can’t leave her outside in 20 degree weather and i doubt that the fridge is a viable option. Does anyone have any tips on some at- home methods if hibernation? Thanks!
  12. Mu female D. Tityus pupated but while checking on her I destroyed her pual chamber. What do i do? I know I couldn’t say much but somebody please help!
  13. Mantisfan101

    Visitor on my patio

    How’d you pick it up without gloves?! I found a tile horned prionus at my porch light and it acted like my thumb was a huge sausage!
  14. This books saved my life and my beetles multiple times and now I am in the hunt to try and collect all of Orin’s books. 200/10 if you ask me, don’t get relictant because of the price tag, with the information provided it’s a buy that I will not be regretting anytime soon.
  15. Mantisfan101

    ID help- eastern Hercules beetle?

    It looks like a D. Tityus to me, since lucanida tend to have lighter head capsules.