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  1. Mu female D. Tityus pupated but while checking on her I destroyed her pual chamber. What do i do? I know I couldn’t say much but somebody please help!
  2. Mantisfan101

    Visitor on my patio

    How’d you pick it up without gloves?! I found a tile horned prionus at my porch light and it acted like my thumb was a huge sausage!
  3. This books saved my life and my beetles multiple times and now I am in the hunt to try and collect all of Orin’s books. 200/10 if you ask me, don’t get relictant because of the price tag, with the information provided it’s a buy that I will not be regretting anytime soon.
  4. Mantisfan101

    ID help- eastern Hercules beetle?

    It looks like a D. Tityus to me, since lucanida tend to have lighter head capsules.
  5. Mantisfan101


    Hello! Found my first D. Tityus female near my house a few aummers ago and now I have 5 male and 1 female grub. They are all at L3 and are growing pretty slowly. I am currentl trying to find L. elaphus, L. capreolus, D. Parallelus, C. Nitida, and O. Eremicoa along with some other invertebrates. I also have a hamdful of grapevine beetle larvae I collected from another female I caught nearby. I also keep fish and ants as well. Other invertebrates I am looking for are praying mantids, giant silk moths, N. americanus, Trachymyrmex septentrionalis, and M. Blatchleyi or any Maryland- native stick insect. I also recently found out about the legalization of Goliath beetles in USA and I am now super hyped amd can’t wait for them to get established in the hobby! Thanks for everyone in this entire beetle community and it is such a pleasure to be here!