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  1. jaccob

    right place, right time

    That's so bright and clear it almost looks fake. Nice shot!
  2. This may be a dumb question, but is it possible to determine the sex of a larva or is it only really possible to tell after it has pupated? I'm specifically asking about a larva I so far believe to be Dynastes tityus. Thank you.
  3. jaccob

    ID help- eastern Hercules beetle?

    Thanks for the ID help and I tossed the cotton ball. I hadn't thought about the food already containing water when I added it. I figured I was helping by giving it water. And I'll also purchase a deeper container and move it over so it can dig deeper this weekend because the larva definitely does not have 4 inches of substrate.
  4. jaccob

    Hug me.

    I'd gladly hug him. He looks like he's holding his arms out for a hug.
  5. jaccob

    ID help- eastern Hercules beetle?

    I exceeded maximum file size by adding more than 1 picture, so here's another. It was eating the leaf when I took this one.
  6. I'm sorry these aren't the best pictures and don't show the whole body, but they're the best I could get without handling the larva and I've heard the oils on my skin could damage it so I've not touched the larva at all if I can help it. I found this under a log while collecting insects for my entomology class and I wasn't sure what it was especially because of its size (I'd guess it's at least a couple inches long) and I'd never seen a grub that big before, so I put it in a vial with some soil and showed it to my professor. As far as he can tell it's likely an eastern Hercules beetle. If it helps more, I'm in Western North Carolina up in the mountains. I found it about two weeks ago. Since finding it, I've been keeping it in a plastic container with some soil, a wet cotton ball for water, and decaying tree bark I pull off pretty soft tree stumps that it's been eating a lot of. I figure since it's definitely been eating the bark it must be pretty good. I just wanted some other opinions on what it is and sorry I couldn't get a more full body picture without handling it. I've been trying to minimize how often I touch it.
  7. I'm a junior general bio major who's currently enrolled in entomology and has found myself with a beetle larva I found while working on my bug collection for entomology since my professor said it should be fairly easy and pretty fun to raise it and see what it ends up bring, so I was told this site was a good place to ask questions about my larva and how to care for it.