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  1. barrbar

    Greetings from Long Island, New York!

    Thank you for the welcome! Osmoderma looks pretty interesting and I'll certainly be keeping my eyes open for them. I've been using the site iNaturalist.org to see what's been reported in my area. Honestly, I'm not familiar with many beetle species so I'm loving the suggestions.
  2. barrbar

    Greetings from Long Island, New York!

    I haven't had any luck this year. The only sightings I've had this summer were a type of June bug, most likely Cotinis nitida. Lucanus capreolus is in range and I'm hoping to snag some next year. @PowerHobo Thank you I appreciate the welcome!
  3. I recently decided to get back into keeping inverts and beetles seemed like a good fit for me. I doubt I'll be making many posts since I'm late to the party but I'm happy to find people who enjoy keeping beetles in my neck of the woods.