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    Larval/Pupal Stages

    Hello, I am interested in taking up the hobby of beetle rearing. I currently have some isopods that I collected locally as well as some millipedes and cockroaches I got from bugsincyberspace. I want to try out beetles but I think I need to know a lot more about their larval stages. Do they require different things as they go from L1-L3 or is it just a waiting game of seeing them develop until they become full-fledged beetles? I've seen some of the posts talking about having to ferment hardwoods to create a substrate and like that's totally fine, but is that just for the larva? if so which stage (s)? And is this also the kind of substrate the adults will want? I guess long story short what I'm asking, is how do the breeder's methods need to change as the beetle changes, or do they? And what needs to be done by the breeder as the larvae go through their stages? Thanks!