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    Checking on my stag

    Hey all! My male L.elaphus emerged from its pupa on July 5th, when can I dump the cup to check on the little Guy? He is upside down so I want to make sure he is okay.
  2. Dak.the.bug

    who's that Pokemon! its

    Its Pinsir!
  3. Dak.the.bug

    Who's that Pokemon! It's

    Its Heracross!
  4. Dak.the.bug

    Catching tigers

    Hello everyone! I am looking for some advice on catching tiger beetles. I believe the ones we have here in Maine are C.sexguttata if that helps.
  5. Dak.the.bug

    Catching tigers

    I definitely have to agree with you JKim. I was hoping iNaturalist was more reliable than some others. I tend to ignore the ones where only one person has spotted one species, such as someone who apparently found a rhinoceros beetle here in Maine, but this person was the only one who saw it. I definitely know for sure that at least C.Sexguttata is here. I will definitely be using my new net for more than just catching snacks for my mantids now.
  6. Dak.the.bug

    Catching tigers

    According to inaturalist, the tiger beetle species we have here in Maine are cicindella species(10 sp), and I would love to try and acquire all of them. I would be really happy if I just caught C.scutellaris, but I'm not too picky.
  7. Dak.the.bug

    Catching tigers

    Okay. I will have to check some out, thank you.
  8. Dak.the.bug

    Catching tigers

    I see them a lot at my parents house, which is in the woods. Do you think going to a sandy beach area would yield better results?
  9. Dak.the.bug

    Lucanus Elaphus larvae care

    So I have turned the heat down, but I still find larvae on the top of the jars, only one has stayed down. I also had a D.grantii larvae come to the top, but this happened shortly after I put the lids on the D.grantii jars, they just kind of sit in their jars in a tote with air holes and the tote is sealed, just not the jars. I don't know what it is I am doing wrong, unless you guys think that where I am going wrong is not having clay at the bottom of the jars (the L.elaphus larvae are L2)
  10. Hello everyone. So as of recently, my Lucanus Elaphus larvae have been coming to the surface of the substrate and hanging out there, at first I thought it was because the substrate wasn't deep enough, but I filled all of the jars with 50/50 substrate each, 50% of it is substrate I bought from Peter Clausen and 50% is my oak substrate I made from oak pellets, I mist it every other day and my animal room stays at 80 degrees at all times. I have already had one death and I am afraid I will lose the others.
  11. Dak.the.bug

    Bug collecting.

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their input, it is greatly appreciated.
  12. Dak.the.bug

    Bug collecting.

    Hello everyone! I have been considering taking a trip to catch some live specimens for myself, so I was looking for some advice. I like horned beetles, and stags, but I also like mantids as well. What state in the US would have the best chance of giving me some cool specimens?
  13. Dak.the.bug

    Plant collecting

    Hello everyone! Edited the original post because I was without caffeine and posted it in the wrong section. I was wondering if everyone collects as much dead oak and stuff as they can before it goes out of season. I collected like a mad man and am now overwhelmed with sticks, leaves, and flake soil.
  14. Dak.the.bug

    Beetles in Maine

    Alright everyone. I was wondering if you guys could help me out here. I have been told by several sources that there are Lucanus Elaphus in Maine, but they are very rare. I know I have found stags as a kid, but they weren't very big, nor were they all that impressive looking. I have been finding conflicting information about whether or not L.elaphus are here or not. One website says yes while others say no, the general consensus seems to be no, so I just want to know because I based a project on trying to attract stags in Maine with different baits and might need to rethink my project despite already putting my foot in my mouth and saying "My project is to find stag beetles by luring them in with bait."
  15. Dak.the.bug

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    I managed to stumble across this page when looking for people who were selling beetles, I think it was mentioned in a Reddit post or something. I am pretty new to the hobby, and I find that the more I delve into the world of insect keeping, the more I find myself stopping to just kind of admire the little things in life. I started out by keeping mantids this year, and then slowly started opening up to the idea of keeping other insects. The more I get into the hobby, the more I enjoy it and find myself wanting to gain more and more knowledge about bug keeping. Some of the people I have met through the mantis community are pretentious and rude, but the beetle community at least for those people who are on this forum are incredibly nice and I have had great interactions with a lot of you. I find myself here not only to just try and buy beetles, but to listen and learn from all of you. I am currently in the process of getting a permit to be able to legally obtain exotic beetle species. If the hobby were to become main stream, to me it would be a double edged sword; "Yay more beetle sellers!" But thinking about how some people keep their animals. Bugboy had mentioned something along the lines of seeing D.tityus or L.elaphus species locked up in small boxes barely bigger than themselves, I had actually read somewhere after I bought my D.granti larvae that the adult beetles can be kept in small enclosures and that didn't feel right to me, but to a lot of other people they would see something like that and be like "Makes sense" and then they would be shoving these poor beetles into small boxes. There's a lot of misinformation given out there about many exotic pets and people just listen to it and blindly follow it without wondering if there's any truth or ethical implications behind what is being said, I see it a lot with people who own leopard gecko's or bearded dragons. I enjoy the community here on the forum, it would be nice to branch out a bit more and have some more people interested in the hobby, but I wouldn't really like to see this hobby become mainstream.
  16. Dak.the.bug

    Beetles in Maine

    Thank you for your response, Bugboy, it looks like I have some reading to do. I had originally received my information off Insectidentification.net and when I saw that L.elaphus was supposedly in Maine, I kind of ended up hoping that that website had known better than the others that said L.elaphus was not in Maine, denial is a cruel mistress I suppose. I would love to try and make some sort of journey for collecting bugs next summer, Maine doesn't really have that many interesting bug species, but they probably aren't interesting to me because I live here.
  17. Dak.the.bug

    Beetles in Maine

    Oh wow. I will check to see if the other states have them. Thank you very much for responding, I really appreciate and value any response I can get.
  18. Dak.the.bug

    Finding beetles

    Hello everyone. I am looking to try and catch some beetles, preferably stags. Any advice on how I could go about doing this? I had read somewhere that you can catch them using a light, and a bag with a beer and banana mix squeezed out of it, and placing it under an oak tree or other hardwood tree and to keep checking on it between 10pm and 3am. Any easier ways? Also, how about searching for the larvae of big beetles? I fear that the most I would end up finding are Japanese beetle grubs.
  19. Dak.the.bug

    Finding beetles

    Thank you! I will try that. I'm in Maine, so we don't have too much here as far as big beetles go, but I do know we have one or two species of stags here.
  20. Dak.the.bug

    Hello from Maine

    Hey everyone! Love insects and have always wanted some so this year I started my live insect collection. So far I have: 2 brown shield mantises, 2 Peruvian leaf mantises, 2 ghost mantises, 1 giant bark mantis, 1 dead leaf mantis, 1 devils flower mantis, 4 orchid mantises, 2 dynastes granti larvae, and a colony of dubia roaches. Always on the look out to collect more, but college life is well....we know how that can be. Haha. I'm very excited to make some connections on here and meet new people.