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  1. Thanks so much for the post! Quick question seeing as you’re now a BDFB master... I recently purchased an 8x8x8 nano tank that I am prepping for 3 death feigners. Using small diameter pvc I’m planning on creating a subterranean network by first coating the pipe inside and out with silicone, and then covering all surfaces with sand while still wet. I figure that will give them the traction and simulation of substrate they need to feel comfortable in the tube while simultaneously hiding the system under shallow substrate. In theory it will allow the three of them the chance to have their own spaces to rest and it will save space above the surface for other things. In your opinion, will this species of beetle take advantage of shallow tunnels like this? Here’s a picture of the bachelor pad so far. I’m going to add a 4” long piece of chola wood, and a small 2” diameter succulent to the surface. I want to have entrances in 3 separate corners into the same network of pipe. The sand will be about twice the elevation that it is currently in order to cover the pipe.