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    Rhino beetles of all kinds are welcomed:)

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  1. Alex Shaffer

    Megasoma larvae weight

    Also how much weight do larvae typically shed just before pupation?
  2. Alex Shaffer

    Megasoma larvae weight

    Does anyone here have knowledge on how heavy approximately megasoma sleeperi/punctulatus L3 larvae become before pupation? What's the max weight i should be expecting?
  3. Alex Shaffer

    Fungus gnats

    Thank you, i will take this into consideration! Since posting I've eliminated the population down to almost nothing. Will tinker around to see if i can't completely have them gone.
  4. Alex Shaffer

    Fungus gnats

    Hello, has anyone here tried stuffing ventilation holes with filter wool? Curious if there was any ventilation issues, thanks!
  5. Alex Shaffer


    Hello, was wondering what everyones opinions were on the topic of inbreeding. Has it been successful in the past and if so, to what extent.
  6. Alex Shaffer

    Hello from KS

    Been into the hobby for a few months now, and been progressing nicely. However, information was limited, so i came here hoping to improve on what i know. Thankfully you all have been super helpful! Wanting to help expand on the hobby for everyone, making it a more accessible field for all!