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  1. Tylt33

    Flake Soil Questions

    I use it as the sole soil for the five species of beetle that I raise and have had no issues whatsoever. Don't overthink it!
  2. Tylt33

    Rainbow Stag Questions

    What I’m seeing is they remain buried after eclosing; I dug one up to show my kids, and it buried itself that day. I definitely don’t want to stress them, so you just let them remain underground after eclosing, and in a couple months they’ll burrow out? I was somewhat concerned, because they’re initially (after eclosing) under a bunch of dirt but at the bottom corner of a clear container, and I don’t want them to be stuck trying to go through the plastic to get to light instead of burrowing up, if that makes sense?
  3. Do rainbow stags need to be put into hibernation after eclosing? I’ve got a refrigerator at 55f and wondering if they should go in there. Thanks!
  4. Ten line June beetles are the larger beetles I've seen up north. Megasoma sleeperi is down south.
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    Hi from MN

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    novice beetle keepers += 1

    Welcome aboard! I'm a newbie too