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  1. Julia van de Ven

    hello from the netherlands

    I was wondering, is it possible to send some beetles/larvea to the netherlands? or is it a better solution to find someone closer to my home...
  2. Julia van de Ven

    hello from the netherlands

    Hello I'm Julia, At school English is my worst class so I thought maybe I can learn it a little bit better here, please correct me if I'm making spell or grammer mistakes. I also breed beetles so this is a good place to learn some english and somthing about beetles. I live in the Netherlands and I'm breeding the M.t.ugandensis, but I have some trouble with that I hope someone will help me. The case is: my larvae are doing great so when they are big enough they build a puppea. But then the problems begin, as soon as they are out of the larvea skin (they are brown then) they die. I think that the box where they live in is not to wet and not to dry but I don't really know how to manage that. I hope someone can help with my beetles and my English!? Julia.