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  1. Hey , are you still active here?

  2. piggy145

    Moneilema gigas (cactus longhorn)

    That's amazing how you got one, I haven't been put out there looking but i do hope to find some before they are all gone.
  3. piggy145

    Hello from Utah!

    Welcome to the forum! Make sure to join the discord server too!
  4. piggy145

    Forum Issues (on behalf of Ratmosphere)

    Another issue is probably the sign up one. When you sign up on this forum, you need to get a approval from Peter (@bugsincyberspace) in order to successfully join. However, while I do really appreciate how he personally approves people, he is very busy. When I first joined it took about 2 weeks in order to get approved, I had to PM Peter in order to get approval and I'm currently waiting on roachforum(been 3 days since I signed up). In fact, someone on the discord had it take 5 months in order to get approved, even after constant emails and messages to @bugsincyberspace. Maybe it needs a rehaul?
  5. piggy145

    Cyclommatus Metallifer Finae (Good Boy)

    Super cool
  6. piggy145

    Purchase of stag beetles

    Lucanus elaphus larvae shouldn't be hard to raise at all with the right care. The adults are somewhat fragile thought.
  7. piggy145

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    To me it seems that people are only really interested in the money that can be made. I recently got into the hobby after keeping jumping spiders and tarantulas for a while. I recently made quiet a large amount of money from selling beetles, and word got around to my family. Unfortunately they just cared about the money to be made. They would ask about the hobby, and would only ask about the price tag some of the beetles would go for.
  8. piggy145

    Beetle Wish List

    My dream beetle is Megasoma Elephas. I love the coloration and the huge size. Definitely looking forward to one day own this beast. For now, animal crossing will do.
  9. piggy145

    Hello from Houston!

    Hello, welcome!
  10. Hello! Just got into this hobby from watching a YouTube video, came from tarantulas to jumping spiders to this. Safe to say I'm hooked on it. Everyone is super helpful and nice also. Let me know of you need black death feigning beetles because I know a place. Thank you!