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  1. JunkaiWangisme

    Collecting trip tips

    I am planning 2 days there. Do you know of any specific spots I will be allowed to light trap? Also, what aquatics are there? I am planning to spend a night in a national forest there, are there anything good in those areas?
  2. JunkaiWangisme

    Collecting trip tips

    The entire thing, I have to pass it to get to the more southern states, as I live in Michigan
  3. JunkaiWangisme

    Collecting trip tips

    I will see if I can swing by there. Do they allow camping and light trapping?
  4. JunkaiWangisme

    Collecting trip tips

    Hi everyone. I am planning a summer collecting trip that starts on July 6th and last till august 7th. I will go through Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Indiana. I am planning to stay mostly in National forests. I own a generator and a 400 Watt MH light, and well as plenty of wood hacking equipment. Anyone have any suggestions on anything please tell me, and if you are familiar with light trapping and collecting in a state listed above please give me tips :). If you know of a specific location with interesting beetles, mantids or katydids please tell me. DM is okay too! Thank you guys so much!!!
  5. JunkaiWangisme

    Packaging Beetles For Shipment..

    You don’t typically need it. Pack it in a box with paper padded in all sides, and make sure it gets there in 3 days.
  6. JunkaiWangisme

    Sales of A.dichotoma in the US?

    Nope. Not legal. You need a permit to keep them too. If you are not hardcore just stick to native species. Granti gets to the same size so what’s the point?
  7. I know an area with them, and just saw 2 dead specimens (one freshly dead). Anyone know how to collect them? Thanks Btw it's a state park so lighting up won't work, closes at 10
  8. JunkaiWangisme

    Hello from Michigan!

    https://discord.gg/Z93c9k @maxwellc
  9. JunkaiWangisme

    Hello from Michigan!

    Yeah I keep a lot of stuff. I'm into all sorts of beetles, not just the big showy ones, so I got longhorns, tiger beetles (3 species), ground beetles (3 species), bess beetles, stags (nothing big so far), scarabs (flower & dung), rove beetles, fire colored beetles etc. Join this discord: https://discord.gg/2PTU7d , it's really awesome with other beetle lovers.
  10. JunkaiWangisme

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hi! Michigan has 6 stag species and a rhino species! There are also many many tiger beetle species along the lake shores. You can collect them all if you look hard enough. I'm stoked for you on your new order! Best of luck!
  11. JunkaiWangisme

    Carabus auratus

    Would you consider parting with some live specimens ever? I live in Michigan and would love to try to breed them.
  12. JunkaiWangisme

    Larvae found in oak ID

    Thanks guys. They are pretty small still, hope they get larger soon.
  13. JunkaiWangisme

    Larvae found in oak ID

    @darktheumbreon Northern Michigan. Head orange, sparse hair over the body, quarter sized. It's a scarab for sure, not rhino. I am mainly asking whether they are may beetle larvae or jewel scarab.
  14. JunkaiWangisme

    What snails are these

    Pretty large and only found under logs. Anyone got a clue?
  15. JunkaiWangisme

    Larvae found in oak ID

    Seriously, anyone?