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  1. Briareo

    Hi, new here

    This is a great place to learn, welcome
  2. Briareo

    Beetle Wish List

    1. Phalocragnathus Muelleri (Rainbow Stag) 2.Lamprina Adolphinae (Metallic Cousin of Muelleri) 3.Dynastes Hercules Hercules (Of course) 4.Rhaetulus Crenatus Crenatus (Stunning) 5.Xylotrupes (Fighting Rhinos) 6.Pleocoma dubitabilis (Oregon Rain Beetle)
  3. Very sorry https://discord.gg/c5E8Hmc
  4. Hey there everyone, back advertising a live chat forum for beetles! Realized my last post was set to expire after a day, here is a permalink. Thank you, and mods, let me know if this isn't okay and i'm more than happy to stop posting it here. https://discord.gg/c5E8Hmc
  5. https://discord.gg/G5Ptkr Post pictures of your beetles, or chat about beetle related things. We would love some new members.