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  1. Can someone help me ID this stag pupa? I bought it as a larva on this website under the pretense it was an elaphus.
  2. Spyro

    ESA meeting 2017

    For sure! I'm going to the North-Central branch meeting tomorrow in Madison, you?
  3. Spyro

    ESA meeting 2017

    I was there in Denver at the 2017 meeting.
  4. Ok, maybe I am missing it. I have just gone page by page through the The Ultimate Guide To Breeding Beetles, Coleoptera Laboratory Culture Methods by Orin MCMonigle and didn't see a single entry regarding the size references for identifying larval instars for D. tityus. Can you tell me a page number???
  5. Is there a good reference somewhere for the size of the head capsules during L1,L2,L3 for D. tityus?
  6. why does that book cost $500???
  7. where were you able to purchase those beetles from? I've been looking around and can't seem to find a place that sells them in USA
  8. Spyro

    My new Rhino beetle Larry

    Where did you get your beetles from @aquietsoul28
  9. Spyro

    D. tityus

    That's pretty awesome!!! congrats!
  10. Hi everyone! I just joined this forums! I have a BS, MS and working on PhD in Entomology currently. I've got my first two beetles, mainly a lep guy, from Bugs in cyberspace. Both are Chrysina and one has gone into pupa after owning it for just a couple weeks. Hit me up to say hi or just chat. I'll answer any bug questions you might have as well!!!