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    Newegg.com is the only place I know of in the states that sells it. Carl
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    Bringing this post back alive. I have a Earth Systems composter and it is worth every cent. I’m making flake soil that my tityus love. Time needed is 5-7 days and a week or so resting out of the machine. For the resting period I move the soil to a trash can with vents cut into the lid. I mix it with a paint mixer and drill every day or every other day. Maximum loading of the machine produces right around 5 gallons of soil. I’ve only done single passes with the soil for now. I like it so much I recently bought a second one that will be here in a couple of days. Once the second one arrives I’ll try multiple sessions to create different degrees of breakdown. I haven’t tried leaves yet as I have a stable supply of naturally broken down leaves but I might try a batch to see how it does. I’m also thinking about making some kinshi from single pass soil to see if i can speed up that process. I use matured kinshi as white wood. No more buying flake soil that is cut with compost or soil. Single pass soil is also working well for isopod and millipede substrate. Carl