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  1. Aquietsoul28

    My new Rhino beetle Larry

    Got my three today this is one of them.
  2. Dynastes tityus and i didn't get it from bugsincyberspace i was told tho they just emerged and will live between 6 to 7 months.
  3. Getting my first 3 and i wanted peoples experience.
  4. So the one I was going to get didn't work out, was to cold. So i decided to wait. Now its a bit warmer out coming soon. And i am buying 2 adult Rihno male beetles .
  5. Aquietsoul28

    Well, hello hello fellow beetle owners!

    Thanks guys I got an adult gymnetis caseyi.
  6. Aquietsoul28

    Well, hello hello fellow beetle owners!

    Its funny that's how mantids started lol, i realllllllllllllllllly want an adult rihno beetle but have no idea where to possibly look.
  7. Well last night I decided since i have tried other insects id like to try my hand on a Beetle, never had one before. I was on Bugsincyberspace just looking around on the site. When i spotted an adorable adult Gymnetis caseyi for sale, I like sometimes the bigger ones as I have tremors and like to hold my insects frequently. Already I have named it Bumblebee (from Transformers).