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  1. Pr. Calculus

    Greetings from Quebec

    I can take no horn, even though it would have added the «cool factor» . I am amazed to learn that mealworms can actually digest rotten wood too. Now I have no choice but to give it a try. However, their growth must be slower on a rotten wood diet than wheat flour, right? Thank you very much for the information.
  2. Pr. Calculus

    Greetings from Quebec

    Thank you for sharing this information with me! I didn't know we could find species of the Xyloryctes gender that far to the north. I will read on this specie. However, I am not looking for a beetle to have as pet . I need,for a research, a beetle whose larva will grow fast and enormous on a rotten wood diet . That's why I was interested in getting Phileurus Truncatus. The purpose of my personal research is to measure the potential of beetle to convert residual woody biomass into a source of protein. At last, another Dynastes lover!
  3. Pr. Calculus

    Greetings from Quebec

    I was confused. Here in USA, you are indeed subjected to similar restrictions regarding invertebrate. Europeans, japaneses and Taiwanese are the ones to envy haha. Thank you all. I am touched by your warm welcome. I got the feeling I will feel at ease here.
  4. Pr. Calculus

    Greetings from Quebec

    Greetings, I want to say I am happy to join your community. I am rejoicing that from now on I will be able to share my passion for rhino beetles without nobody thinking it's weird. yet, It's still a little strange, because I don't have any beetle... yet, but if Canadian laws would allow me,I would be a huge collector. You see, all the coolest beetle are in USA. In Canada, it is forbiden to have any excotic phytophagus insect . So no dynastes, no megasoma, no chalcosoma, no fun.... But it is not against the law to have flesh eating beetles, so I am looking for some Phileurus Truncatus right now. By the way, my name is Pascal and French is my native langage. I wish to become an entomologist, an ambition that will concretized in 4 years... or maybe chimist or forest products processing technician. Not sure yet. Still have the month to decide.