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  1. sus

    Beetle Wish List

    1.) allomyrina dichotoma 2.) Xylotrupes ulysse 3.) Phalacrognathus muelleri 4.) Lucanus Elaphus 5.) Chrysina gloriosa 6.) any weevil, maybe of the bigger kinds still pretty new to the hobby, I honestly just want to see my larvae grow up right now! then probably my next goal would be to shift to stag beetle care
  2. Well darn! Looks like lots of people dont after all
  3. Fair point! You could name them the same thing over and over again though Travis1 and Travis2 and so on
  4. I realize I don't check my spelling a whole lot on here LOL

  5. I would imagine a lot of us do and I would love to hear them! I have 3 beetle larvae but only one of them (d. granti) is named at this moment. I named her something really silly because I was just getting some suggestions from my friends and my friend who likes Naruto wanted me to name her Naruto SO that ended up being her name and I think its great.
  6. sus

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    Sometimes i think about how I would love to have beetles be more mainstream so I could just go out and buy a real nice beatle like allomyrina dichotoma. But you know as I thought about it I think about all of the other "exotic" pets which are constantly being mistreated in pet stores. Like the japanese fighting fish which are often found in pet store in these very small plastic containers with no source of filtration. I think a lot of us here have a good idea on how to take care of pet beetles, I would say they are a pretty easy pet to take care of. But thinking about the misinformation that could be spread about them might end them up the same way the japanese fighting fish are. I kinda like the way the beetle hobby is right now; kinda quiet, in the US anyways. Maybe I would like the import laws to be a little less strict to AT LEAST have myself some cool dead beetles. I am pretty new here also and I kinda forget how I found the forum, I think i was just looking up questions and also maybe Peter mentioned it.
  7. Hello! I am an artist who has recently discovered their interest in beetles and just bugs in general. I was looking for a pet that wouldn't stress me out too terribly and I have found that bugs and beetles are the perfect candidate! I began researching how one would be able to care for and purchase a pet beetle and I got in contact with Peter of bugsincyberspace who helped me a lot with preparing to raise a Dynastes Granti larvae. Since then I have not one but three beetle larvae and they have really opened my eyes more to the world of bugs. Ive never really used a forum like this before and I will probably make some silly mistakes but i am excited to ask questions and maybe contribute to some discussions on here! heres some pictures of my larvs: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405962101027373056/408783673584779275/image.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405962101027373056/409459057435475968/image.jpg