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    Illustration, pigeons, bugs and tea.
  1. Takoto

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    I found beetleforum through another forum I was checking out a while ago - I'm not sure how many people nearby me are big on beetles, but there's a petshop nearby which occasionally has some of the bigger, more popular beetle adults in stock, so assumably there's at least one person nearby who is! I became interested in beetles through the video game Animal Crossing, where you can catch bugs and donate to the in-game museum, sell them, or keep them as pets (though sadly they can't be interacted with). I got interested in looking up the beetles featured in the game, many years ago, and ended up becoming super interested - but I've always been interested in invertebrates in general, so I feel like it was only a matter of time.
  2. Takoto

    UK Beetle Newbie (Sort of)

    Turns out ya'll are correct! I went back to the shop to grab some supplies, and someone was in who knew a little bit more about beetles than who was in beforehand. I suspected originally that they were an Atlas beetle of some sort, because of their colour and face, but I honestly thought Atlas' in general were much, much bigger, so ended up thinking they were maybe a three horned or something akin (even though the colouration doesn't match). I think my favourite beetles are Goliathus goliatus (because their colour and patterning is just so cool) and Allomyrina dichotoma (really cool horn shape)! Also, sorry to hear you can't have them, I have heard the US are super strict on insects and such (my girlfriend has African Land Snails and ended up looking up the laws on owning them by county and noticed the US are pretty eh with insects.
  3. Hello!! My names Luke, I'm from the UK; by day I'm an office worker, by night I'm an artist. Always been super into bugs, mostly moths and local spiders and snails. Always thought beetles were pretty cute/cool, but recently got super interested in scarab beetles and akin, which eventually spread outwards into dynastids (which I'm still learning about). I was going to get a Japanese rhino beetle from a local place, as my girlfriend is super cool with bugs and we recently moved in together so it felt like a good time, did a ton of research... but ended up getting this dude instead; If anyone can identify him, that'd be very, very useful. The place I got him from said they had no idea what he is (they just labelled him as "dynastid beetle"), but I'm guessing a three-horned rhinoceros beetle or something akin. I don't feel experienced/confident enough though to know for sure. I really like beetles aesthetically, but I'm not 100% sure if I'll have the space to raise a bunch of them/breed them for a while... but who knows what the future holds. My other interests include video games (mostly Pokémon, Shin Megami Tensei/Persona, Touhou, things like that...), pigeons (both wild and domestic, though I don't own any due to space constraints), cosplay, and illustration!