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  1. Since 2 of my female D tityus have passed away, I wanted to try to use them as practice for pinning or maybe resin encapsulation. Neither are particularly great specimens, with missing tarsi from constant burrowing during egg laying, but they're my first rhinos, so there is some sentimental value. Both died on their backs (I had leaves in their containers to help against this, but guess you can't win 'em all), and had the very dark elytra D tityus get when in high humidity. I let them dry out in my garage for a couple of weeks, and the color has come back a bit, but their elytra are still very dull and dark. I'm hoping it's just residual sub left on their elytra. What is the best method for cleaning specimens for pinning? Or is there any decent safe way to bring out their color? I'd rather not damage them.
  2. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but still not having much luck. Now that all of my D tityus have died and thoroughly dried I wanted to get back on it. None of them have been pinned, but all have turned almost black, even the two that didn’t die on their backs, so I’m thinking the grease from fat deposits as mentioned before is the culprit. I went ahead and followed the increasing steps Pewrune mentioned, up to the acetone (which is 100% acetone for stripping car paint), but am having minimal luck. As you can see from the pick below, the right elytron (which is all I worked on) has at least some color now, but still very dull and dark. This is after a pretty thorough wiping with acetone and allowing to dry for an hour. If anyone has any additional tips, I’m all ears. I’d definitely like to preserve my male, since these are my first adult rhinos.
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    Adding Soil to Substrate

    You can sift your substrate to remove as much of the frass as possible, but you'll likely still need to add new rotten/fermented hardwood sub. Just soil isn't going to do the trick for Megasoma spp larvae. When you add your new sub, don't just take your larvae and put them in the fresh sub, fill the container with half new sub and half old (placing the larvae in the old).
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    Beetle Wish List

    That is an extremely cool rhino! It reminds me of a dead leaf mantis in beetle form. Holy crap, those are gorgeous! Something about weevil leg structures make them look like toys to me. Looks like I've got to update my unobtainable wishlist!
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    Beetle Wish List

    Bump because I love this topic.
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    What kind of mantis is this?

    May be pretty hard to tell without a location. I own a couple mantids, but unfortunately, I don't know enough to venture a guess.
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    Beetle Party

    I'm just mainly impressed you got them all to sit still long enough to photograph (if they're all alive; they look it). Mine all start to wander as soon as I put them down.
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    Hello from Houston!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    unimportant importation question

    From what I understand the importation part of it is still illegal without permits, though I'm sure the permits are more obtainable than exotic spp permits.
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    Beetle Party

    That boy on the top left is a monster!
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    Strategus aloeus

    Dang, I didn't realize they grew that fast! Ugh... my poor wallet... Beautiful specimen!
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    Tiger beetle (Tetracha carolina)

    That thing looks like it has a less-than-pleasant bite. Beautiful coloration, though!
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    Hello from Southern Arizona!

    What Garin said; you practically live in a gold mine! Welcome to the forum!
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    Jewel beetle (Buprestis rufipes)

    Very pretty, and great quality photos!
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    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Congrats! I also got 4 from him, but unfortunately all of them died. Fingers crossed these little ones pull through and breed for you!
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from Southern California!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Poseable Stag Beetle on Kickstarter!

    Pretty sure I told you over on IG, but very glad you were able to bring Spike and the gang here with you. I'll be backing this once I've got some spare funds!
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    Hello from an undisclosed location!

    Ha! Well, welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from so cal

    Welcome to the forum!
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    C gloriosa emerged

    Gorgeous! I’m extremely jealous!
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    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome to the forum, John!
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    Dung Beetle Care?

    I've got Orin's Ultimate Guide on the way, but I'm pretty sure my Phanaeus vindex adults will be arriving before it does. Anyone have any experience with this who can offer some basic housing and care tips? I'm not planning on breeding them, but I'd like for the conditions to be available for them to do so in the event instinct wins. I'm especially interested in environment temperatures, as I am pretty confident that temperature in my beetle room has absolutely harmed my larvae in the past. The room lives at 72f now.
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    Dung Beetle Care?

    Life has been kicking my ass, and been having internet issues at home, so haven't been posting. Update/Observations time: So the beetles definitely had more than enough dung for 4-5 dung balls per Orin's Ultimate Guide, and I waited for 7 days past when the dung was all gone from the surface of their tank before digging for brood balls to make sure I didn't interrupt construction. I found no brood balls. I didn't even find anything that appeared to be a half-formed brood ball. I found a couple small clumps of dung, but they didn't look like they'd been handled at all by the beetles beyond being buried. The way P vindex folds up their legs and plays dead when disturbed makes them really easy to miss when digging through sub, and I thought I lost 2 of them, but they were found during mixing sand into the sub. I currently have about 3:1 organic top soil:sand. The sub feels very different with the sand mixed in, and of course weighs a damn ton. After mixing the sand in about 2.5 - 3 weeks ago, I haven't seen the beetles once. Not once. I was actually wondering if I stressed them all to death, as there was a solid week in which two fresh piles of dung weren't touched at all, and went to white mold. I should've taken it out, but I left it just in case they didn't care, but unfortunately the mold spreads rapidly once it establishes a foothold, and the next two baseball-sized amounts of dung I gave them were completely covered in mold within a day and a half or less. It was yesterday morning that I noticed the 1.5-day-old piles were also molded-over, so I was going to remove it all yesterday when I got home from work. I noticed when I got home, though, that there was a fresh pile of sandy substrate mounded up between the 4 dung piles, which is the first evidence I've seen of the beetles being alive in a week or more, so I put it off. This morning, I peeked through the lid and found that the two fresher piles of dung are completely gone from the top of the substrate, and the older two moldy piles are pulled down into the sub and mostly buried in more of the sandy substrate. The mold on them looks to have been crawled all over, as it looks more like a white mat/crust now rather than fuzzy. Still haven't seen the beetles, unfortunately, but at least a few of them are alive. They haven't touched the 4 jellies in their container. In fact, 3 of the jellies have grown a tiny bit of mold which I picked off yesterday. I didn't even know jellies would mold, as I've never had them survive this long with adult beetles before. Now, onto full disclosure: They're getting human dung. I'm ashamed, but only a little. For what it's worth, I don't feel great about it, and my wife simply cannot know. What I did find when I dug for brood balls was a good handful of fly pupae. I collected them and threw them in a deli cup with no holes in the lid. Apparently, there were more that I missed, because there was an obnoxious boom in housefly activity in my house a couple weeks ago. I'm positive that they hitch-hiked in with the horse dung I was finally able to get, and since horse dung isn't supposed to be great for dung beetles anyway I'm disinclined to try it again. The other types of dung that I experimented with were dog, rat, and human. This was the initial week or so that I had them, and it was the human dung I mentioned them attacking the quickest in my last update. Unfortunately, our rat has died, so that source is gone. The dog dung was the second slowest to be consumed, so I'm not thinking they like it, which makes sense. Since someone with a LOT more experience than myself mentioned human dung probably not being good for rearing, I found someone with a pot-bellied pig and talked them out of some dung, which I offered at the same time as some more human dung. This was the two piles that didn't get touched for a week and got moldy. The pig dung still doesn't appear to have been touched other than being mostly buried just below the surface. The two newest piles of dung that were completely taken/buried as of this morning were both human (as the pig owner wasn't available for me to pick up more). Since P vindex doesn't live all that long I'm not sure how long to wait now before digging for brood balls. Last time it was 7 days past the disappearance of all of the dung and I found nothing. I'm not sure if the week or so of no activity was due to them being busy "underground" forming and tending brood balls (I hope so). I know that the Ultimate Guide says to check 7 days after the last dung disappears, which is what I did last time, but I'd hate to interrupt brood ball forming at this point with such limited time with them left and as slow as they appear to be with propagating. One small novel later, I'm done. Back to observing and hoping for eggs.
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    New to beetles, not to insects

    Welcome to the forum! There's a ton of fantastic information and helpful individuals here; I'm sure you'll dig it!