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  1. I know that L elaphus will want to overwinter, and that it needs cooler temps, but not as cold as a typical refrigerator (please correct me if I'm wrong). I had a nice 50mm male unexpectedly emerge before the rest of the culture has even pupated, and I am severely behind the ball, without a mini-fridge to modify for the medium temps, and my mini AC appears to be struggling, barely able to keep my beetle room between 72f and 76f when it's running 24/7. I know inverts can sometimes skip diapause, but that it can be very detrimental to some species. Is this guy going to be okay if I don't have him in cool storage? It's going to be a bit before I can get a mini-fridge.
  2. PowerHobo

    L elaphus male pupa

    I dumped my Lucanus elaphus bin (gently) so that I could introduce a layer clay substrate for them to pupate in even though I thought it was a few months early, and was pretty shocked to find this handsome lad right on top in a mostly destroyed cell. I can definitely see why this species prefers to pupate in clay; the walls of his cell we very weak compared to the sturdy crust created by something like D tityus or G thula. He's in a nice little floral foam cell now.
  3. PowerHobo

    D tityus emerged!

    These are my first captive bred generation of any beetle, and the spawn of the first adult beetles I've had since I got into this hobby. I completely failed counting and oversold from my culture, which left me with only 4 larvae, so having 3 of them emerge including members of both sexes has been a great relief. Now it's just a waiting game for #4 to pupate. Knowing that I took care of and bred these specimens' parents and raised them from eggs entirely on sub I fermented myself is pretty cool, especially considering some of the fairly terrible experiences I had with losses It was actually 2 females and 1 male that emerged, but I didn't get a picture of the second female, and the first picture of the male was too good to not post.
  4. PowerHobo

    Cactus Long Horn Beetle emerged

    Nice, congrats! I have no luck with this species when I received some adults, but I'm thinking my invert room may simply be too cold for these guys since it stays at the temps better for my scarab larvae.
  5. PowerHobo

    Chrysina beyeri & gloriosa

    Does this species go through the diapause even if kept at room temps?
  6. PowerHobo

    D tityus Pupa

    Thanks! I can't tell a minor from a major, or whether the final horns will be as impressive as the pupa appears, but so far he looks like he's shaping up to be just like his dad. 😁
  7. PowerHobo

    Hi from Kansas City!

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. PowerHobo

    Chrysina woodi

    They're somewhat dependent on clay sub for pupal cell creation, right?
  9. PowerHobo

    D tityus Pupa

    This is a relief to see. I actually interrupted this cell and another during my last substrate check a couple of weeks ago, totally unintentionally (I'm an idiot). The other cell already had a female pupa inside, but this guy hadn't pupated yet and was still mobile enough to turn himself around a couple times, so I thought for sure he'd end up dying due to wasting energy on attempting to rebuild the cell. I just sort of loosely cupped some moist paper towel over the broken end of the cell and partially reburied it so that I could lift the paper towel to check up every now and again, since I've read that he might kill himself trying to dig away at the floral foam of an artificial cell. Two weeks of stress and I finally get to see this lad. 😁
  10. PowerHobo

    Chrysina woodi

    That is absolutely gorgeous. It's a shame Chrysina spp are so short-lived as adults.
  11. PowerHobo

    Beetle Wish List

    Resurrecting because we have quite a few new people and I enjoy this thread.
  12. PowerHobo

    Greetings from the US(east coast)

    Welcome to the forum! Z morio was where I got my start as a kid too. I actually find them to be kind of a pain now just due to the necessary isolation for pupation lol.
  13. PowerHobo

    Importation Question

    Not without an importation permit.
  14. PowerHobo

    G'day from S.A.

    Welcome to the forum!
  15. PowerHobo

    Lucanus Elaphus larvae care

    It's things like this that make me love this forum. I would've never thought to search for clay soil of all things on eBay.