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  1. PowerHobo

    hello, all

    Welcome, @sally! There's a ton to learn here, and a very helpful community. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!
  2. I may be somewhat unexpectedly receiving some cactus longhorn beetles very soon, and am just curious if anyone has any experience with the best substrate for them. I want them to be able to breed if they choose, though I'm not counting on it. Since they eat and breed near prickly pear and cholla, I assume their preferred sub is similar to the planting needs for those cacti (1:1 potting soil and sand)? I appreciate any helpful knowledge in advance!
  3. PowerHobo

    hello from the netherlands

    Welcome to the forum! I'm not too sure about the problem with death during the pupal phase. As for sending beetles, it's definitely possible. You'll find that most of the user's here are in the US, and it would definitely be better to source your beetles somewhere closer to home, as our import and export can be a little tricky.
  4. PowerHobo

    Gymnetis thula

    My first Gymnetis thula (caseyi), finally emerged!
  5. PowerHobo

    Carnivorous Plants

    Excellent! Thank you very much!
  6. PowerHobo

    My First Scarab Pupae!

    Holy crap that's a vibrant yellow! The one I can see is definitely more of a dark grey right now. Not sure if that's because it's teneral or just humidity. About how long do they stay dormant after eclosing?
  7. PowerHobo

    Hello from PNW

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. PowerHobo

    My First Scarab Pupae!

    Mixed bag today. I determined over the weekend that I have to cancel my beetle trip to Arizona this year for money reasons, which really sucks, but on the other hand the G caseyi pupa that I was worried I had injured has eclosed! I'll get some pictures once the little guy/gal decides to come out and say "hi."
  9. It's been no secret that I am a killer of larvae. I don't want to be, I just am. I'm getting better (I think). So, basically, finally seeing successful pupation (especially after a truly crappy week) is a big deal for me, and I am probably disproportionately excited. 😁 I came into the office with the intention of mixing some oak flake in with my G caseyi substrate, since it was entirely organic compost and some leaves. I thought they had about 2 months to go before pupation, and I also thought that some had died because they were rather hard to find when I poked around in the sub a couple weeks ago, but I found 7 neat little pupal cells! In fact, I totally forgot that Peter sent me an extra larvae, and as I was moving the sub back into their container, I found (and broke) an 8th. I dumped it out just to get a look since I figured I may have killed it anyway, but the pupa seems ok! Even gave me a little abdomen wiggle. About 3/5 of the pupal cell is intact, so I went ahead and put it back inside, then placed the cell on top of the substrate, and placed a moist (ran under water then thoroughly wrung out) paper towel over it with a bit of an air gap so the paper towel isn't directly contacting the pupal cell, trying to make a little humid micro-climate. If anyone has a better/safer way to do this, I would love to hear it!
  10. PowerHobo

    Carnivorous Plants

    I've always loved pitchers and VFT plants, but have never kept any. I've gathered that the carnivorous plant hobby seems to be much like the US coleoptera hobby (lots of "experts" with conflicting methods). Was just wondering if anyone knows of any good resources or communities.
  11. PowerHobo

    Embaphion muricatum Questions

    Aggressive was definitely the wrong word. Hyper-defensive is more accurate. They spray with almost no provocation, and half the time I smell them before I actually see them.
  12. PowerHobo

    Embaphion muricatum Questions

    Thank you for the info. I can't do roaches. I fully understand the diversity and that only a few are invasive pest species, but too many bad experiences in my low-rent apartment-living days have left me with a strong distaste. Hopefully I'll be over it some day, because I'm aware it's silly. I can't even keep bark mantids because they look too much like their roach cousins. Thank you for the tip. There was a ton of answers to my questions in his caresheet. My issue with local darklings is that the only ones I regularly see are these aggressive, highly stinky a-holes, and aren't exactly something I want in an enclosed space. Beyond that the only good place I know of that I've seen an abundance of beetles is a national park, so collection is illegal. Thanks for the link! Super helpful. I actually didn't know they lived that long as adults. The adult longevity is part of what was making me like at BDF beetles. I'm really not interested in culturing them, as I've already experienced that with Z morio, and frankly it took some of the fun out of having them for me.
  13. Some people keep desk plants at work. I keep desk beetles. I'm really interested in a culture of Embaphion muricatum for this, but I know very little about them, and bugguide.net doesn't have a whole lot of information, surprisingly. What type of substrate would they need? I assume something sandy and semi-arid based on pictures I've seen. What type of food do they eat? Just a typical darkling diet? What sort of lifespan do they typically have? Are they particularly prolific breeders? Anything I should be aware of that might sway me away? I'd be very interested in hearing from someone who has kept them or who semi-regularly has them available. It's pretty much between these guys and blue death feigning beetles at this point, but I really like the way the pie dish beetles look. My current desk beetles are Gymnetis caseyi, but they're not hyper-interesting at the moment (still a few months to go before pupation).
  14. PowerHobo

    Hello from Utah!

    Welcome to the forum!
  15. lmao holy crap. Same, but with larvae. I'd have to cast a second vote for the winner being some sort of Rutelinae.