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  1. PowerHobo

    Adding Soil to Substrate

    You can sift your substrate to remove as much of the frass as possible, but you'll likely still need to add new rotten/fermented hardwood sub. Just soil isn't going to do the trick for Megasoma spp larvae. When you add your new sub, don't just take your larvae and put them in the fresh sub, fill the container with half new sub and half old (placing the larvae in the old).
  2. PowerHobo

    Beetle Wish List

    That is an extremely cool rhino! It reminds me of a dead leaf mantis in beetle form. Holy crap, those are gorgeous! Something about weevil leg structures make them look like toys to me. Looks like I've got to update my unobtainable wishlist!
  3. PowerHobo

    Beetle Wish List

    Bump because I love this topic.
  4. PowerHobo

    What kind of mantis is this?

    May be pretty hard to tell without a location. I own a couple mantids, but unfortunately, I don't know enough to venture a guess.
  5. PowerHobo

    Beetle Party

    I'm just mainly impressed you got them all to sit still long enough to photograph (if they're all alive; they look it). Mine all start to wander as soon as I put them down.
  6. PowerHobo

    Hello from Houston!

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. PowerHobo

    unimportant importation question

    From what I understand the importation part of it is still illegal without permits, though I'm sure the permits are more obtainable than exotic spp permits.
  8. PowerHobo

    Beetle Party

    That boy on the top left is a monster!
  9. PowerHobo

    Strategus aloeus

    Dang, I didn't realize they grew that fast! Ugh... my poor wallet... Beautiful specimen!
  10. PowerHobo

    Tiger beetle (Tetracha carolina)

    That thing looks like it has a less-than-pleasant bite. Beautiful coloration, though!
  11. PowerHobo

    Hello from Southern Arizona!

    What Garin said; you practically live in a gold mine! Welcome to the forum!
  12. PowerHobo

    Jewel beetle (Buprestis rufipes)

    Very pretty, and great quality photos!
  13. PowerHobo

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Congrats! I also got 4 from him, but unfortunately all of them died. Fingers crossed these little ones pull through and breed for you!
  14. PowerHobo

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome to the forum!
  15. PowerHobo

    Hello from Southern California!

    Welcome to the forum!