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  1. aspenentomology

    New Beetle Enthusiast!

    Hey! Welcome to the forum.
  2. aspenentomology

    Question on cleaning specimens for pinning

    I made a youtube video on making relaxing chambers a while ago. It's pretty straightforward, so you probably won't really have to watch it lol.
  3. They make good pets but usually don't live very long (a few months at least). If you want a large beetle to keep as a pet, large stag beetles like Dorcus have slightly longer lifes (a year or two).
  4. aspenentomology

    Greetings from Quebec

    I've heard about that! I even new someone on Instagram who kept a colony of superworms for recycling styrofoam. It's incredible!
  5. aspenentomology

    Greetings from Quebec

    Hi, welcome to the forum! And it might be hard to get a hold of, but Xyloryctes jamaicensis is a species of rhino beetle that can be found in south-east Canada. They're about 20-35 mm long. Arthur V Evans' The Beetle of Eastern North America* says that they can be found in Ontario, but I'd assume that means they're probably in parts of Quebec too. *I accidentally put the wrong book title at first, but I edited it. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    I'm not sure, I'll have to check when I get home. And I could, but I've spent so much time on my website that I really don't want to have to remake it lol.
  7. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    Yeah, I wish that he had covered fungus darklings a little more in it, but I also have his guide on breeding darkling beetles specifically which I believe he goes more in depth on them in.
  8. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    Oh, that's awesome! Now I'm really motivated to find a colony! I have the ultimate guide also so I'll to do some reading in the darkling section. "Ladybug darkling" is also a really good name too!
  9. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    Hm, interesting. How do you keep the enclosure humid without causing mold growth on the dead fungus?
  10. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    It was the only large fungus I've ever found in the woods near my house. It was part of a a cluster of a few fruiting bodies about 20 feet up in a tree that I had spent about half a year staring at. I even spent a few hours one day throwing things out them to knock some down (was not successful lol). I'll keep an eye out for more, though. How would you breed them in captivity if the fungus rots so quickly? And that's surprising, considering that even Arthur V. Evans referred to it as P. virescens in his book Beetles of Eastern North America. Must have been a pretty widespread misconception!
  11. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    The one I found was on a piece of fleshy shelf fungus that had fallen from a tree. It was full of little brown beetles that jumped and were very hard to catch and the single Diaperis. I tried to keep the jumping beetles, but they climbed right over the vaseline barrier I made and temporarily infested my house for a month or two, haha. Every time I would forget about them, I'd find one crawling on my bed . And I hadn't realized that. I don't know much about taxonomy, so what do you mean by false name? Was quercus already a species?
  12. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    I've found a Diaperis sp. before where I live. They're really beautiful! Wish I could find more. And thanks for the tip, I'll try. One common beetle during spring where I live is Platycerus viriscens. They're fairly small but it's easy to find pairs because of how common they are.
  13. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    Well that's a little discouraging, haha. I guess I'll just try my best and stop if keep losing money for too long. It'll at least be a learning experience
  14. aspenentomology

    Customs and Millipedes

    http://arachnoboards.com/threads/laws-on-giant-black-millipede-breeding-and-selling-within-usa.289170/ According to this forum thread, it's illegal to import any species of millipede. This is the only thing I've read on the subject though, so I'd do a bit more digging around to be sure.
  15. aspenentomology

    Expected earnings for invert sellers

    Oh, wow! That's definitely a lot more than I expected lol. Thanks for the reply!