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  1. aspenentomology

    Baby rhino roaches!

    They're so cute! I'm loving these updates.
  2. aspenentomology

    Likelihood of WC D. tityus females to be fertilized?

    How often should I check?
  3. aspenentomology

    Likelihood of WC D. tityus females to be fertilized?

    I set them up on Monday, so I was planning to wait about a week. Perhaps I should wait longer though. Also, I have both females set up in the same tank, is that a bad idea? And I'm not able to move them to other bins due to material shortages. I could buy some flake soil if I really had to, but I'd rather hold off on that until I get larvae, to be honest.
  4. aspenentomology

    Likelihood of WC D. tityus females to be fertilized?

    I have them set up in a 5 gallon with ground rotten wood and leaves and topsoil. I'll check this weekend for eggs. I'm really excited 😁
  5. I was given two live female Dynastes tityus a couple days ago. What is the probability that at least one of them is ready to lay eggs this time of year?
  6. aspenentomology

    Bumelia longhorn (Plinthocoelium suaveolens) (video)

    Super interesting, thanks for the links. I wish there was a follow-up about the larva collected live in the beetles in the bush post.
  7. aspenentomology

    AAA's Swarm

    How do you not have mold on the egg crates in your isopod enclosures? I've seen people use it before, but in my experience it molds far too easily.
  8. aspenentomology

    Bumelia longhorn (Plinthocoelium suaveolens) (video)

    Wow, that's gorgeous!! Are you collecting them to preserve or breed?
  9. aspenentomology

    What do you all make of this?

    I was going to say it could be a parasite like a horsehair worm or something, but if it isn't moving like a worm then I'm not sure.
  10. aspenentomology

    What do you all make of this?

    Is it... moving? Also there's a button to embed images, but the file size requirements are ridiculously small. I'd just stick with Imgur.
  11. Keep track of your things... Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but I rode my bike almost 12 miles today for collecting, only found one scarab larva (not too bad considering it's the only one I've seen all year), and then proceeded to lose the container in the woods somewhere. I feel worse about trapping it inside and littering than I do about losing the larva.
  12. aspenentomology

    Bolitherus cornutus

    Thanks, that's really helpful! I'm super excited to get a colony of these going. I hope it works too, because the colony I found is the only one I've ever seen. It wasn't easy to get to either. All of the wooded areas with viable hardwood logs in my neighborhood seem to be covered in these weird thorny vines which I've had to cut my way through. Long story short, my entire body is now covered in scratches, but it was worth it!
  13. aspenentomology

    Bolitherus cornutus

    Yes, a lot. I also found more females/minor males and one major male.
  14. aspenentomology

    Bolitherus cornutus

    Just found a female and what I think is a minor male. Any tips on care?