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  1. Stag Beetles

    Good names for a asian scorp

    Walentyna or Amazonica if female Arbor or Amazon if male,
  2. Stag Beetles

    Revenge shall be ours

  3. Stag Beetles

    Revenge shall be ours

    You sound like an insect protester...lol
  4. Stag Beetles

    C gloriosa emerged

    I Love This Species!!!! Do you have any for sale??
  5. Is it best to search near lights at night, under logs by day??
  6. Stag Beetles

    Hello from Massachusetts!

    I'm also from Massachusetts!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the Forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Stag Beetles

    Phanaeus vindex

    did you find it around where you live?
  8. Stag Beetles

    Pitfall traps

    I've got some pretty good catches from these pitfalls before, and they should work for some Rhinoceros Beetles like Xyloryctes sp.
  9. Stag Beetles

    ESA meeting 2017

    I did not, but I hope to go next year!!! soo jealous
  10. Stag Beetles


    Yeah definitely, Probably harlequin, agree with Bugboy3092
  11. Stag Beetles

    Do you name your beetles?

    Well, Yeah, sorta, i guess. For example, for my darklings, i call them by their species--Eleodes hispilabris and Eleodes caudiferis
  12. Stag Beetles

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    ikr it always makes me sad to see betta fish have their lives wasted in a tiny container, many even dead, and stores like petco usually don't even remove the dead ones. And also sadly, I once saw a male and female budgie pair that laid eggs, and later I came back, the egg had been thrown away. so I bought two birds and they eventually had 12 other budgies
  13. Stag Beetles

    Hey, new member here!!!

    Great to know other people in the field! Welcome!
  14. Stag Beetles

    New to beetles, looking to learn!

  15. Stag Beetles

    Smitten by Gymnetis caseyi

    Superb (bird of paradise--pun ) pics!!!!!!