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  1. Stardawg

    Good names for a asian scorp

    Name her Kristen
  2. Stardawg

    Scolopendra gigantea handling

    That is just insane. How strong is the venom for this species? I hear centipede bites are no joke
  3. Stardawg

    Need help identifying giant Grasshopper/Katydid

    That is one big hopper! Where are these found ? As in what terrain or environment
  4. Stardawg

    profile pic probs

    same prob where the mods at lol
  5. Stardawg

    profile pic probs

    still wont work
  6. Stardawg

    profile pic probs

    trying to update my profile pic but it won't load what can I do to get my profile pic to load
  7. Stardawg

    Going to Japan

    pretty cool i wish you could bring back beetles back to the states lol when will it be legal ugh
  8. Stardawg

    Scolopendra angulata socialization

    very impressive i had no idea you could do this with centipedes
  9. Stardawg

    Xyloryctes jamaicensis

    also it depends if the beetle was WC this is because the age is not known it could be towards the end of life already if it is WC
  10. Stardawg

    Favorite animal and why?

    Egyptian fruit bat
  11. Stardawg

    Beetle Wish List

    I would choose Dynastes hercules hercules
  12. Stardawg

    Eleodes hispilabris

    kool beetles