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    beetles, roaches, ants, biking, and WWII era tanks, I try to stay diverse ;)

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  1. Bugboy3092

    Finding beetles

    If you want to find larvae, you can go to a hardwood forest and flip over rotten logs, you can also look inside tree holes to find larvae of the eastern Hercules beetles.
  2. Bugboy3092

    Moneilema gigas (cactus longhorn)

    Welp, that’s probably why you haven’t found many. These guys are mostly active, and can be found standing on top of the cactus, at dusk and night. At least in New Mexico, they seem to be quite plentiful if you look at the right time (we’re going there in a week, and I plan to hunt for them heavily as we travel).
  3. Bugboy3092

    Moneilema gigas (cactus longhorn)

    Im heading to New Mexico soon and plan to capture some there, are you mainly searching at day or at night?
  4. Bugboy3092

    Hello from Utah!

    Welcome! You’ll definitely find all the info you need here!
  5. Bugboy3092

    Embaphion muricatum Questions

    1. Yes 2.yes 3. These don’t live nearly as long as asbolus, but likely have a similar lifespan to most eleodes species 4. Hisserdude will probably be along to answer that question, but they likely lay eggs in the same way as eleodes (a few dozen at a time, but not every day) 5. Not sure, but a roach might make an even better “desk pet” than any easily accessible beetle, I can only imagine a huge, speckled peppered roach perched on a small branch cleaning its wings, making quite a magnificent display for any coworkers, although I guess if you work from home it doesn’t really matter what other people are seeing lol
  6. I’d imagine it’s some kind of ruteline, but I’m not sure
  7. Bugboy3092

    Hello from Southern Arizona!

  8. Bugboy3092

    Hello from Michigan!

    He’s a user on the forum
  9. Bugboy3092

    Hello from Northeast Florida

    Welcome! Do you plan to start keeping/breeding them anytime soon?
  10. Bugboy3092

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome to the forum! It’s awesome that your daughter is starting out young with these, as that usually plants the seeds of a great keeper! Bugsincyberspace sells death feigning beetles, Garin does too.
  11. Bugboy3092

    Bug camp 2018

    Welp, it’s almost time for the annual msu bug camp, and I’m stoked! Of course, I gotta ask if anyone else here will happen to be going, as it’s always fun to meet fellow breeders! Also, as a side note, effective Thursday, I won’t be shipping out any orders until I get back from camp, which will be a week or so. So if you want any of my insects in the ads, please submit any orders BEFORE Wednesday, any orders put in after Wednesday will be shipped when I get back.
  12. Bugboy3092

    Revenge shall be ours

    Yep, definitely haha
  13. Bugboy3092

    Revenge shall be ours

    Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. the problem is, if you don’t use a sensationalist dialogue, it’s much less likely you’ll reach a larger audience, but if you use a sensationalist tone, you run a higher risk of having a cascade effect. Even “be respectful and they won’t bother you” would have it seem that even though they should be appreciated, they’re still dangerous and thus should be separated from our lives, which is almost exactly what we don’t want. We want them to be appreciated, and respected, but embraced and accepted as what they are. Not like I’d want to see dynastes tityus being bought through vending machines, like allomyrina are in japan, but there should be more positive publicity for our insect friends, not in the way of a man being stung and writhing on the ground for ten minutes because of it (if you keep velvet ants, and get stung somewhat often, you would know that it’s not nearly painful enough to make a grown man almost fall to the ground, not to mention the fact that he was using a less painful species (yes some velvet ants are more painful than others)).
  14. Bugboy3092

    Revenge shall be ours

    Couldn’t agree with you more on that last part! You may have heard of a popular YT channel “brave wilderness/coyote Peterson”, anyways, they’re basic “motto” is to respect animals and insects at a distance, which they repeat regularly. As you can imagine, this is the exact opposite of what we want, as it would seem to impose that the creatures are dangerous, and could cause the audience to question what they’ve heard and what they’re hearing.
  15. Bugboy3092

    Mecynorrhina hatched out

    Thanks! I would post a photo here, but it’s very hard to crop it and everything haha