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  1. Bugboy3092

    Velvet ant

    I think that dasymutilla will also parasitize bombus spp.
  2. Bugboy3092

    Revenge shall be ours

    Yup, hehe, welcome to my world.
  3. Bugboy3092

    Thoughts on new layout?

    My only main issue is that it removed my old photo lol
  4. Bugboy3092

    C gloriosa emerged

    Oooooh es georgious! I will consult the ultimate guide and get back to you.
  5. Bugboy3092

    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here, and in a week or so I’ll be back in Georgia shipping out again, I have lucanus larvae.
  6. Bugboy3092

    Thoughts on new layout?

    Haha I guess the best social website in the world has a new look! Same opinion here though!
  7. Bugboy3092

    Revenge shall be ours

    We shalt never falter! We shall always persevere! As truthful keepers of the insects, we shall claim the motherland that, by specific right, belongs to the insect!
  8. Bugboy3092

    Good names for a asian scorp

    Idk about you, but if I get one I’m naming it Kim
  9. Bugboy3092

    Mecynorrhina hatched out

    Progress: hes darkening out, and I think hes gonna be the same vivid dark blue as his dad!
  10. Bugboy3092

    Mecynorrhina hatched out

    Well, I sadly didnt get to see it hatch, but my parents who are back home told me about it and sent me pictures.
  11. Bugboy3092

    Mecynorrhina hatched out

    Well, today marks the day that I have officially raised an exotic beetle to maturity. I am in Texas right now, but back in Georgia one of my mecynorrhina pupae has just hatched into a beetle! Super excited for this! And I cant wait til more hatch and theyre ready to breed! If you want pictures of them, youd have to ask me directly (though at some point in the near future Ill try to make a YT vid update.)
  12. Bugboy3092

    Phanaeus vindex question

    Well, it’s not really recommended to keep them outside, since it’s not as controlled. If you do, just make sure to keep them outta direct sun, or maybe part of the cage shaded.
  13. Bugboy3092

    Phanaeus vindex question

    Probably, are you keeping them outside?
  14. Bugboy3092

    Cannibalism in Lucanus?

    How large were the containers? And what kind of substrate was it? I have almost 100 grubs in a 16(?) gallon tub and have had only a few deaths or injuries, and the grubs are mostly L3. The substrate is 100% rotten oak, with some wood chunks buried in it.
  15. Bugboy3092

    New to beetles, not to insects

    Mainly gymnetis, although euphoria can live over a year if you count the hibernation period (outside of that, they can live a little over a month).