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  1. Dragozap

    Where to find Megasoma Sleeperi?

    I wonder if I can tag him, if Peter is here, please, do help me out
  2. Dragozap

    Where to find Megasoma Sleeperi?

    Any explicit information? They reside in the Algodones dunes, but I am not sure where
  3. I am thinking about catching a few with my new blacklight, where should I look for these buggers?
  4. Dragozap

    Few beetle photos

    Would you care to identify the first beetle? Id love to know about a 1000 dollar beetle lul
  5. Dragozap

    Pupating Zophobas morio

    Congratulations man! Now you just gotta wait a bit and one day find some beautiful darklings in the pupating enclosure!
  6. Dragozap

    The Complete Guide to Rearing the Eastern Hercules Beetle

    If I were you, I would get what would be considered as his latest beetle book: The Ultimate Guide to Breeding Beetles. It has all of that information and more.
  7. Dragozap

    Keeping/Breeding/Rearing Euphoria sp.

    Good luck with that! Keep us updated!
  8. Dragozap

    Greetings from the desert!

    Oh lol. Nice either way, hope they mate and give you the second generation Good luck with the grubs!
  9. Dragozap


    Redmont is right. State stuff isnt anything to worry about, its really international permits that you should watch out for.
  10. Dragozap

    Stubborn D. tityus

    Not so sure if this works for your beetles, but prod the beetle on its behind gently. At first it will strengthen the grip, but later on with patience and a lot of prodding, the beetle will eventually give in and walk forward. Also for beetles, if you kinda scare them and the substrate is deep enough, the beetle will bury downwards, whether or not they have shipshock. Not so sure about question #3, sorry!
  11. I will get started on this tomorrow, however, I will use the female from that mating pair I posted on too long ago.
  12. Dragozap

    Beetle Wish List

    Would love to have a Cheirotonus macleayi formosanus, I remember going to Taiwan hiking up those mountains and finding those beetles, and they are very beautiful. Also, I would like to acquire some L. Elephas or Rhaetolus sp., they're pretty in their own way. If only I could set my hands on those giant Dorcus and huge Prosopocoilus beetles. Throw in some Chalcosoma Atlas, and DHH and you have my list!
  13. Dragozap

    Greetings from the desert!

    Yeah man, welcome to the forum! I suppose your beetles just enclosed? And yes. I would be proud too. Honestly it is healthy to be so excited over such wonders of nature, so dont stress man!
  14. Dragozap

    Dynastes Tityus Mating :)

    Thanks everyone! Maybe I will
  15. Dragozap

    Dynastes Tityus Mating :)

    So many exclamation marks! Thanks, though