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    Dung Beetle questions

    Thanks for this! I recently read about similar (possible the same) trapping methods in Orin's Ultimate Guide. Sounds very similar to a homemade minnow trap.
  2. Hey everyone! I have some questions so I can prepare early before spring/summer arrive. I live in Arkansas but I am sadly in a urban environment so I'm assuming I won't have much luck with finding much of anything. I recently purchased a copy of The Ultimate Guide and have been reading through the dung beetle chapter, (thank you Orin and to everyone who gave a helping hand with this book!) I am most interested in dung beetles atm, therefore I am going to set most of my efforts to capturing and studying WC specimens of Phanaeus, but any dung beetles will do tbh. I need as much info that you can give on finding, capturing and keeping these humble little creatures! Thanks in advance!
  3. Dubia4life

    Possible stag larvae?

    Thanks, I’ll remember that for future reference.
  4. Hey everyone- I visited a wooded area near my house today and found two larvae of what I think are stags larvae. Ive never kept stags before or their larva. I need some info- what are they (stags or something else?) and what instar are they? I'm guessing it's too hard to identify species from pics and location alone. I live in AR and they were found in a rotting fallen tree that if I had to guess what kind of tree I'd guess oak? (Maybe sweet gum?) How long until pupation? Pics: (sorry for dirty fingernails lol.) https://imgur.com/gallery/4qrD8 Thanks
  5. Dubia4life

    Possible stag larvae?

    I must admit I’m a little bummed out that they weren’t stags, but I do love grapevine beetles- I’ve seen only one adult before, it was my first beetle and I mistook it for a female d. Tityus. (They look nothing alike I know lol.) That beetle is what got me interested in beetles to start with. Makes me very happy, thanks!
  6. Dubia4life

    Phanaeus vindex

    Man I REALLY wanted some of these, but I pretty much spent my entire "invert budget" for the year lol! I wish you the best of luck!
  7. I wish you the best of luck that he makes it to adulthood! Do keep us updated please!
  8. Dubia4life

    Grub identification?

    Wow that was fast! Thanks guys I really appreciate it.
  9. Dubia4life

    Grub identification?

    I think I asked this awhile ago on the pet roach forums but I'm still not sure. I am going to try to upload a few pictures on here or a link to the pictures at least. Hopefully someone can help me identify them. My first guess was cotinis nitida but I'm still not sure. I found them underneath some bricks near a rotting tree. Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/uyrDr
  10. Dubia4life

    Dung Beetle questions

    Alright, thanks! I guess I'll have to go looking in a more rural area.
  11. Dubia4life

    Pupating Zophobas morio

    Congrats man! Hope they do well for you and your daughter! I remember raising these as lizard food for my last bearded dragon. I always got so attached to the adults lol!
  12. Dubia4life

    Greetings from Maryland

    Welcome to the Forum! I was around 13 when I collected my first pet inverts, I had a HUGE flat millipede I got from my great aunt's house in Georgia. She lived on a mountain that had all kinds of cool critters and inverts! Anyways glad to see a young aspiring entomologist on here!
  13. Dubia4life

    Looking for beetles

    So I've tried my luck at using a UV light in my backyard and caught a ton of some kind of June beetle (I will post pics as soon as I find out how,) a grapevine beetle, and a Cotinis Nitida. Does anyone have any tips on catching different species? I am trying to get more grapevine beetles and more C. Nitida but after a week I haven't had much luck... any help? Thanks! -Joshua
  14. Dubia4life

    Looking for beetles

    Sure thing mate, I'm not all that interested in this species tbh, but I would be happy to keep an eye open for you. If I find some I'll be sure to tell you! EDIT: This is rather gross but does anyone have any suggestions for dung beetle trapping? I have only caught flys in my bait... dog crap... I have never felt so ridiculous and questioned my sanity so many times while these setting traps...
  15. Dubia4life

    Looking for beetles

    Oh man I sure hope the season isn't over yet! I guess it is for June beetles though... lol *facepalm* I really need to start going to gas stations, thanks man!
  16. Dubia4life

    New to beetles, intersted in scarabs!

    Thanks mate!
  17. Hey all! I keep a few species of pet roaches at the moment, but I have fallen in love with scarabs! I have tried finding some in my area (I live in Arkansas) but I haven't had much luck, all I have found is a grapevine beetle of unknown gender. (Any tips on sexing this species?) How should I go about collecting/finding scarabs? Thanks!- Joshua