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    Cicindelidae, Mantodea, and Lepidoptera. Hoping to become an entomologist one day

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  1. Sorry to intrude, but how do you sex bdf's? I've had three for the past year, but I don't know which ones are male or female. I know I've got one female, because I found a couple of eggs last year.
  2. Mecynorrhina

    My first D.tityus!

    Yesterday my D.tityus pupa finally emerged. It turned out to be a female. Now I just need to find a male...
  3. Mecynorrhina

    Tiger Beetle egg care

    First eggs have hatched!! Thanks so much for the advice!
  4. Mecynorrhina

    Tiger Beetle egg care

    Yep, it is a Cicindela species. Thanks! They are in damp sand from the place the beetles were collected.
  5. Mecynorrhina

    Tiger Beetle egg care

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I caught 3 tiger beetles( 2 males and 1 female). They bred, and I separated the male so the female could lay eggs. I started to notice eggs on the walls of the cage. ( I keep her in a small plastic kritter keeper with 3 inches of sand) I read that I could feed the larva sowbugs, but how should I keep the eggs?
  6. Mecynorrhina

    Prionid larvae ID

  7. Mecynorrhina

    Hello from the US!

    Welcome! Goliathus are awesome, right?!
  8. Mecynorrhina

    Hello from New England!

  9. Mecynorrhina

    Hello from New England!

  10. Mecynorrhina

    Hello from New England!

    Hi all, I am from the New England area. I love all kinds of insect with my favorite orders being Coleoptera, Mantodea, and Lepidoptera. I am not really new to insects, and I currently keep a lot of different species. Nice to be here!