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  1. Myatt22


    Alright ill get a pick up a bit later today
  2. Myatt22


    Any tips on putting a pic on here from a phone or will I need to get to my computer to do it?
  3. Myatt22


    Today as part of my Edgar Allan Poe leg piece im having a couple deathwatch beetles done I'll get some pics up here in a bit
  4. Myatt22

    Warm Greetings from Kansas

    Awesome welcome to the forum
  5. Myatt22


    Welcome to the forum
  6. Myatt22

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome man
  7. Myatt22

    Hello from Alabama. :)

  8. Myatt22

    Wish me luck

    They are refunding me for it so no big there big issue is now It's gonna be really hot for the foreseeable future so ordering any more will just be killing them may have to try to get a couple tityus to keep me occupied till it cools off
  9. Myatt22

    Wish me luck

    I am sad to say they did not make it
  10. Myatt22

    Wish me luck

    So they have shipped hope to see them tomorrow hope they don't get stuck some there till Monday because no post on Sunday
  11. Myatt22

    Wish me luck

    looks like it will be the week after till I can get them still super hyped
  12. Myatt22

    Goliathus - it has happened !!

    Beetle-experience some of the things I have seen say they are picky about what their will build their pupae in was there anything special you have used for when they get to that point?
  13. Myatt22

    Wish me luck

    Thanks guys I'll get some pics up as soon as I get them in I'm super excited they are a birthday present to myself
  14. Myatt22

    Wish me luck

    . Nope just rolling the dice
  15. Myatt22

    Wish me luck

    Sometime next week I should have 2 L2 g goliathus hoping for some big healthy grubs