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  1. beetlegeuse

    lucanus elaphus emergence time?

    sorry, was gone for the week but thanks for your responses guys! i think i'll order some more jellies and do as ratmosphere suggests. @jkim, they definitely pupated, and subsequently eclosed in the fall because a bunch of them built their pupal cells such that the pupae were visible through the container walls, and sometime during the late fall, the pupae were no longer present but the shed pupal casing was. i can definitively confirm that they're adults and have been for awhile now, since i gently removed the solidified dirt from their containers to check on them before leaving and all of them are adult beetles that're alive and moving. they just haven't come up to the surface at all. but yeah, i really appreciate the reassurance. i guess i'll sit tight for a while longer and wait for them to come up of their own accord.
  2. hello! so i have a bunch of lucanus elaphus that've successfully pupated except the thing is, they pupated back in the fall and have yet to emerge to the surface. i check on them periodically and they're all clearly still alive, but i'm wondering if this is normal/if i should be concerned? i'm a little worried i'll miss their emergence since i occasionally travel, but usually not more than a week. how long can they survive without food after they first surface? thanks.
  3. beetlegeuse

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Replying here instead of over PM so your answers can benefit anyone else who comes looking in the future: Good to hear; thank you! Would it be unwarranted to remove them from their pupal cells into a separate container? The one their pupal cells is in is rather small and doesn't have much room between the top of the foam and the lid, so it worries me that I won't be able to tell when they're actually active and ready to feed.
  4. beetlegeuse

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Alright thanks! I'll hit him up. In recent news, the female just eclosed sometime last night/this morning, and I was lucky enough to get a shot of her while her she was still soft.
  5. beetlegeuse

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Thanks & congrats on your three! I know you said you didn't get to see the action, but would you happen to know approximately how long it takes for them to become active once they emerge from their pupal cases? And yeah, that is really interesting! I didn't actually know that about them since I'm not that familiar with this species. It's probably a coincidence, but I still can't help but wonder if it has anything to do with the recent heat wave sweeping through.
  6. beetlegeuse

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    Thanks!! Ahh, I'm nervous... The male eclosed! I'm not sure if his positioning is normal or if I should be doing anything though, since this is my first time raising beetles (beyond having cultivated mealworms in the past)
  7. beetlegeuse

    Megasoma punctulatus pupae

    I got these kids from Peter what feels like ages ago, but they've finally pupated for me. Started out with 4 and lost two as larvae, but it looks like I got lucky and ended up with one male and one female. Hopefully both manage to make it out of the pupal stage with no problem. Reasonably certain this one's female: And this one's male: Female on left, male on right: I made artificial chambers for them mostly because I was worried about some of the little worms I saw in their substrate. They were all relatively small ones, so I'm not sure that they would've done any significant damage even over time, but better safe than sorry. I'm a little concerned that the chambers I made might be too big, but I'll check in on them tomorrow and see if they've managed to turn themselves around.