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  1. Do you have a male cat around spraying territory, if so the smell can last a long time, just ask our carpet from way back, not now. Insect rod
  2. Insect rod

    The Ox Beetle:

    I think I have one but she is down in the substrate over the last 48 hours, so I don`t have a photo yet. At first I thought this large beetle was Dynastes titus but the darker brown coloration seems to indicate the ox beetle. For now anyone raise or studied these beetles? I do know this is a rare sighting for me and to be able to catch it. No doubt a large female. Either way I hope she lays eggs in the larger container of fresh substrate. Insect rod
  3. Insect rod

    Goliathus - it has happened !!

    My only question for this post would be does this pose a problem for several beetle species in the wild, or any species, as more people go out and collect the more favorable and sought after specimens to sale and etc.? No doubt habitat destruction and several other issues are with us. Insect rod
  4. Well not to let the permitted seller off the hook, the permitted seller should learn or know what is legal to ship from state to state since he is the permitted seller. If anyone goes to jail he should first. You may have an 18 year old trying to do a school project and learn the cycle of wood eating beetles. Should he go to jail, I don`t think so. Do they really have time to work with real problems like fire ants with incredible devastation in the south, and millions and millions of old tires piled up across the country half filled with water raising mosquitoes? Insect rod
  5. Not sure if I understand part of this, so are we saying beetles like Dynastus t. can or can not be sent from state to state even though they live and breed in both states they are being sent too? Insect rod
  6. Insect rod

    Anyone else feel this way?

    I`m amazed that possibly 90 percent of the population do not really understand the animal kingdom. One story I have heard for over 50 years now is that every snake is a bad snake, i`m not sure how wrong they could be. So we live in a modern world now with really good information, or do we. I think the level of education continues to be contaminated in many areas by all sorts of troublesome events, gossip, passed down, trouble makers, and fake science, and add no interest to really venture out and find the real truths. A lot of us know better, and we also know that the animal kingdom can carry diseases, some could/ can kill you, many will bite you, others will just die, many will eat farmers crops, but we will continue to study them and enjoy what nature has. Insect rod
  7. Insect rod

    Dynastes tityus, reared adults

    I agree, very nice. Insect rod