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    Do I need to have any kind of permit to sell or ship native insects from Kansas?
  2. I Fox

    Life Span

    Does anyone know the life span of Phileurus valgus? I have had an adult since May and I am wondering how much longer I can expect it to live.
  3. Does anybody want to tell what beetles they have currently? I have: Eleodes longicollis (3 Females) Eleodes suturalis (1 Male, 3 Females, Lots of larvae) Bothrotes sp. (5 Females, 5 Males) Unfortunately my Amblycheila cylindriformis died, and I have not found any eggs from them
  4. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    I was checking the substrate of my Bothrotes just now and found several L1 larvae. :)
  5. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    yes, the original female is still alive. by the way these love fruit
  6. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    update: I found a bunch more of these including a couple of males. No larvae yet though
  7. I Fox

    Warm Greetings from Kansas

    Welcome to the forum! I am also from Kansas
  8. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    I haven't seen any eggs or larvae from her yet. I'm trying to feed her dry dog food and dead Honey Locust leaves like I do with the rest of my darklings.
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  10. I Fox


    How long does it take for a Parcoblatta pennsylvanica ootheca to hatch? And also how big are the nymphs?
  11. I Fox

    Beginner Roach

    Are Parcoblatta a good beginner roach?
  12. I Fox

    Beginner Roach

    Ok thanks. I collected a gravid female Parcoblatta pennsylvanica and I wanted to know it I could rear the nymphs, I think she already laid a ootheca somewhere in the cage.
  13. I Fox

    Flour Beetle?

    Cool find its a Bark-gnawing Beetle probably Tenebroides sp.
  14. I Fox

    Collecting Goals

    Darkling Beetles, Carabids, Euphoria, Dung Beetles, Mutillids and maybe some Geotrupids. in that order.
  15. I Fox


    Definitely a Pseudoscorpian
  16. I Fox

    Favorite animal and why?

    My favorite would probably be my tricolor Australian Shepherd dog.
  17. I Fox

    Favorite invertebrate to keep and why?

    Probably my favorite at the moment would be Darkling Beetles. they're mostly easy to raise and fun to watch.
  18. I Fox

    Beetle Wish List

    thats funny, the redstripe is all I've found, but E.hispilabris seems to be more rare here, maybe this will be a good year for them though.
  19. I Fox

    Beetle Wish List

    Amblycheila cylindriformis Pasimachus viridans Embaphion muricatum Stenomorpha convexa Euphoria kernii Eleodes hispilabris Eleodes suturalis Eleodes acutus Chrysina sp. Phanaeus vindex Just my top ten, some others would be other Tenebrionids, Lucanus, Several sp. of Diving Beetles, Elaterids, Coccinellids, Chrysomelids and possibly some Meloids.
  20. I Fox


    Anybody know how to breed these?
  21. I Fox


    thanks for the info.
  22. I Fox

    Rove Beetle

    Thanks me to.
  23. I Fox

    Rove Beetle

    I just collected a Rove Beetle larva from under some loose bark on a Elm tree. any advise for rearing?
  24. I Fox

    Rove Beetle

    Thanks for the info, though it seems to have already pupated. I'll keep your advise in mind for next time I find one.