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    I enjoy breeding and raising varies kinds of insects, particularly Darkling Beetles, Mantids, Ground Beetles, some True Bugs, Long-horned Beetles and Moths. keeping Water Beetles and Scarab Beetles. other interests include reading, drawing and anything outdoors.

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  1. I Fox


    Do I need to have any kind of permit to sell or ship native insects from Kansas?
  2. I Fox

    Life Span

    Does anyone know the life span of Phileurus valgus? I have had an adult since May and I am wondering how much longer I can expect it to live.
  3. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    I was checking the substrate of my Bothrotes just now and found several L1 larvae. :)
  4. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    yes, the original female is still alive. by the way these love fruit
  5. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    update: I found a bunch more of these including a couple of males. No larvae yet though
  6. I Fox

    Warm Greetings from Kansas

    Welcome to the forum! I am also from Kansas
  7. I Fox

    Current Beetles

    I haven't seen any eggs or larvae from her yet. I'm trying to feed her dry dog food and dead Honey Locust leaves like I do with the rest of my darklings.
  8. Does anybody want to tell what beetles they have currently? I have: Eleodes longicollis (3 Females) Eleodes suturalis (1 Male, 3 Females, Lots of larvae) Bothrotes sp. (5 Females, 5 Males) Unfortunately my Amblycheila cylindriformis died, and I have not found any eggs from them
  9. I Fox


  10. I Fox


    How long does it take for a Parcoblatta pennsylvanica ootheca to hatch? And also how big are the nymphs?
  11. I Fox

    Beginner Roach

    Ok thanks. I collected a gravid female Parcoblatta pennsylvanica and I wanted to know it I could rear the nymphs, I think she already laid a ootheca somewhere in the cage.
  12. I Fox

    Beginner Roach

    Are Parcoblatta a good beginner roach?
  13. I Fox

    Flour Beetle?

    Cool find its a Bark-gnawing Beetle probably Tenebroides sp.
  14. I Fox

    Collecting Goals

    Darkling Beetles, Carabids, Euphoria, Dung Beetles, Mutillids and maybe some Geotrupids. in that order.