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    My D. Tityus pupated!

    Awesome! Congrats!
  2. Running an oven for hours on end to simply sterilize a small amount of gathered rotted wood seems wasteful and inefficient. There has got to be a better method than that. I've contemplated boiling wood over a fire, using a grill to bake it, or a pressure cooker. Since I do not have the latter, I'm contemplating the other choices. Does anyone have any experience or ideas about this? I have all this rotted wood sitting around that I need to sterilize.. Although I hear some people don't sterilize theirs. What's your best method of sterilizing substrate?
  3. So, I was checking my larvae and ended up accidentally wrecking my Dynastes hyllus pupal cell. It was cool to see my first pre-pupa, though. So, I made an artifical pupal cell out of oasis floral foam. Just to be sure, I was going to ask opinions on whether it looks too narrow or not. I also made a horizontal cell and hoping they make horizontal and not vertical. I believe it was horizontal.. Thanks ahead of time for opinions!
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    Dynastes hyllus artificial cell

    This was last night. Hopefully cell will suffice.
  5. charx53

    Dynastes hyllus artificial cell

    I can take a picture when I get home. Last I checked last night when I widened the cell it's in the same state.
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    Dynastes hyllus artificial cell

    Finally someone responded. Indeed. Was not sure. Thanks for input.
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    My first D.tityus!

    Congrats. Good luck on finding yourself a male.
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    Just another masshole.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Warm Greetings from Kansas

  10. charx53

    First Dogbane beetle encounter

    Nice find!
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    Meracantha contracta

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    Hello from New England!

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    Hello from dallas-ft worth area

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Euphoria fulgida

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    Prionid larvae ID

    Very nice!!
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    Hello from Alabama. :)

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    license in the US?

    Nicely said!!!
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    Euphoria fulgida

    Gorgeous! Nice find!
  20. charx53

    Prionid larvae ID

    That's awesome!
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    Woke up this morning to find this in the works! I am excited for this guy!
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    And actually, a quick question.. I still have the other one in the pupal chamber I made, but he seems like he wants to get out. I don't want to hurt him as he's still fragile.. should I keep him in there then? Or move him into an enclosure?
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    And I just came home to this!!
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    Yup, it is!