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  1. I was wondering if that evacuator substrate used for burrowing reptiles would work for them?
  2. Kevinswither

    Goliath beetle

    You serial? What kind of sub?
  3. Kevinswither

    Goliath beetle

    That's good, anything on pupation/breeding?
  4. Kevinswither

    Goliath beetle

    Any tips on raising/breeding them?
  5. Kevinswither

    Beetle breeding over long term with close relations.

    I would say, I'd try to get as high of a population feasible as possible. Like around lets say 7 pairs of adult beetles to stabilize the population.
  6. Kevinswither

    Hilarious mistype

    Lmao ask them for another one with the corrected name. That species name is for a bird (which is cool, but not relevant).
  7. Kevinswither

    Legal to import insects?

    It's only a certain type of bee, so your'e fine on it unless you import a crap load of dried insects, which in that case your'e fine. Lots of red tape these days.
  8. Kevinswither

    Looks like dung, smells like dung

    I mixed it almost everyday. (Sometimes I wouldn't be able to, but a thorugh mixing should do the trick. It's now from 1 month and a half from white pure wood to brown soil like. Doesn't smell too much.
  9. Kevinswither

    Looks like dung, smells like dung

    Looks right. My substrate smells like that. Lol.
  10. Kevinswither

    USDA Open Comment period on regulation changes

    Comment!! Only four days maybe left.
  11. Kevinswither

    Eygptian dung beetles

    I am open to natives but I do like those ones too. Anyways looking up FMD I don't see any documents stating that FMD is correlated with dung beetles, I could be wrong and the only thing that could be a source would be FMD be in poop which is a food source for the larvae of dung beetles. Hmmm shouldn't the USDA release research papers saying this, where could I find a few papers?
  12. Kevinswither

    Eygptian dung beetles

    I gotten interested in keeping african and Egyptian dung beetles. Are they easy to care for? What setup is it? Where can I find some?
  13. Kevinswither

    Arizona beetles

    I did see some nice large and small moths flyin around. Arizona is legit pretty good, been trying to find neobarretta spinosa.
  14. Kevinswither

    How did your hobby start?

    Personally it started within early elementary school with me reading about them. Seeing all the cool leaf insects and nice stuff, I kind of put down the book (I did the same with fish and stuff) and basically told myself the stereotype that all insects live short lives. Fast forward to my special education teacher capturing a scorpion and putting it in a cracker jar. I was amazed. 5th grade I saw a group of students look at a mantis. Flash forward to 7th grade, I found a mantis in my yard. Now a few years later, it has blossomed.
  15. Kevinswither

    Arizona beetles

    No I did see those desert beetles (darklings), scorpions, spiders, loads of moths and sand roaches... if I went for an actual camping trip focused on entomological study and collection I'd find more. Typically go south Arizona if you want to find desert species and go north if you want giant d granti or any temperate species. The cities aren't really good for getting insects. I tried lookin for some in November no luck cause it's cold