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  1. arizonablue

    Baby rhino roaches!

    Another little update: all sixteen babies still going strong and getting bigger! Mama roach was mad as hell that I borrowed her babies for a few minutes. She headbutted me while I was taking them out!
  2. arizonablue

    Baby rhino roaches!

    Almost exactly three weeks since they were born, and the baby roaches are on their first molt! Took them out for a head count and a quick photo. All sixteen are still there, so I guess mama roach hasn't stepped on anyone too hard.
  3. arizonablue

    Baby rhino roaches!

    I honestly have no idea - they're my only roaches. (Because they act more like beetles than roaches!) Before the babies, she and the male would wander around and munch on the leaves, and sometimes they'd take a couple back to the hide to stash for later ... but she's cleared the whole tank and now ALL the leaves are in the hide, LOL. I'm a little surprised she hasn't tried to haul the beetle jelly cup in there too! Thanks, I'll keep posting updates occasionally!
  4. arizonablue

    Baby rhino roaches!

    An update! The babies are doing really well, mama roach has been hauling every leaf she can get her little claws on into the hide and piling them all up for the babies. They are quite translucent still, so you can see that they've been eating! Papa roach is not happy about being relocated to his own container, and he's been sulking under the cocofiber. Poor guy.
  5. arizonablue

    Baby rhino roaches!

    Thanks! I just counted the babies and removed the male from the container ... there are SIXTEEN babies. 😮
  6. arizonablue

    Chrysina beyeri (video)

    Wow, those are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the video!
  7. arizonablue

    Baby rhino roaches!

    At about 3am last night I was checking on my tanks before I went to sleep ... and then sleep was not had until about 5am because MY RHINO ROACHES ARE HAVING BABIES. I saw two little nymphs scurrying around, and there are probably more. I didn't want to disturb them too much, so I put the lid back on and then went screaming down the hall. I will need to bother them at some point to do some renovations. There's too much substrate in there right now for little nymphs, and I'm debating whether or not to remove the male. I plan to keep the nymphs with the mother for a few months, but have heard conflicting reports on whether or not the male may try to eat the nymphs. Has anyone had experience with this?
  8. arizonablue

    New Keeperfrom the West Coast

    G. caseyi are a great starter beetle, pretty hard to screw anything up with them. You should be able to get some great stuff with that permit! Any plans to get particular species in the future?
  9. arizonablue

    New Keeperfrom the West Coast

    Well don't you just have everyone's dream job! Welcome! That's a beautiful beetle!
  10. arizonablue

    D tityus Pupa

    Glad he made it! He looks great!
  11. arizonablue

    Chrysina woodi

    What a beautiful beetle! Great photos!
  12. arizonablue

    Lucanus Elaphus larvae care

    Sweet Jesus no. I've used this stuff, it is absolutely not suitable for larvae to pupate in. You add water, mold it to make whatever burrows you want, and it hardens into what is essentially rock as it dries. I'm not exactly sure what would happen if you kept it moist, but even wet it was nothing like the sort of malleable clay substrate that would be appropriate for a pupal cell.
  13. arizonablue

    Eastern Hercules size concerns...

    Glad to help. Even with the same conditions, some grubs just lag behind a bit. If they're cold, that will slow them down as well. You can tell she's a molt behind the other one - her head capsule is much smaller compared to the larger grub.
  14. arizonablue

    Eastern Hercules size concerns...

    Your little lady isn't necessarily small, she's just a molt behind. She's just taking her time. Both grubs are full of food so you're doing great. Peter has oak sub in stock on Bugs In Cyberspace if you're worried about their food situation.
  15. arizonablue

    Visitor on my patio

    I picked it up by the thorax, the little spikes actually make it easy to grab. Then I just set it down on my hand. None of the cactus longhorns I had ever bit me. The only beetles that have ever nipped me have all been blue death-feigners.