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  1. arizonablue


    A friend of mine found a pair of Pasimachus beetles in an Arizona canyon and snagged them for me. I can't get over how pretty they are! I have them in a sand/coir mix with some cork bark. They've been busy mating and chowing down on mealworms. The one I photographed is missing a mandible but doesn't seem to have any issues devouring prey.
  2. arizonablue

    New darkling tank

    Looks great! I'm so glad someone else is enamored with the little adorable Edrotes. They don't last very long (they seem to last longer if you ignore them, LOL) but they are completely precious. <3 The water bottle may actually be overkill, though, and if your blues get wet they will turn black for a while. If you're going out of town I could see how it might come in handy, but a beetle jelly or a bit of fresh fruit gives these guys all the water they need.
  3. arizonablue

    Any experience with palo verde beetle grubs?

    Sad to report that the palo verde grub did not make it and died in the pupal cell today.
  4. arizonablue

    Do you name your beetles?

    Depends on the beetle, really. If they have some sort of defining characteristic, sometimes yes. I had an Eleodes that I named Mr. Skitters because he would freak right out when he got his feet dirty, and frantically scrape the sand off before bolting off around the tank. (Something was perhaps wrong about that one, LOL.) Most bugs, though, just don't live long enough for me to feel good about naming them. My longer-lived things, though, do usually get names. I have a vinegaroon named Dozer, short for bulldozer because it likes to dig ALL THE THINGS. My camel spider is named Thanatos because it terrifies me a little. My violin mantis was named Stradivarius.
  5. arizonablue

    Halloween Crab - any tips?

    Picked up a sweet little Halloween crab yesterday. He's very shy and hasn't even tried to pinch me. Currently he's in a small tank with coir sub, cork bark and moss, a dish of fresh water and a smaller dish of salt water. I'll be hooking him up with a chunk of cuttlebone today, and I've been feeding him bits of strawberry and fish food flakes. He'll be getting some mango and veggies tonight once I swing by the store. His current tank is pretty small (so is the crab so it's suitable for now), but I'm gonna be moving my desert beetles into a different tank, and he'll be getting their 20-gallon long, with deeper sub and more room to roam. Does anyone have any care tips for Halloween crabs? I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing, I think, but advice from anyone who has successfully kept them would be appreciated. His name is Jack Shellington, because Nightmare Before Christmas is awesome.
  6. arizonablue

    Any experience with palo verde beetle grubs?

    I tried taking a pic but the plastic container makes it mostly a photo of camera glare and reflections, haha. I'll try to get a decent one! And yeah, it seems to be a partial cell dug out right up against the wall. Which is really helpful for me so I can keep an eye on the little dude and toss it if he dies in there, yikes. It doesn't seem to have a really definitive pupal "wall" like some, although it might just be hard to tell because of the container. There were a few potato roots heading in there which is why I fished them out, and the roots came out easy without collapsing the cell, so it must be pretty sturdy even if it doesn't look it.
  7. arizonablue

    Any experience with palo verde beetle grubs?

    Another update: the grub has stopped eating (I removed the potatoes as they were starting to sprout, but they were definitely nibbled on, mostly the skin area) and appears to have made itself a pupal cell against the side of the container. It has been in there for about a week and a half, just chilling. It may still die in there, but I'm feeling cautiously hopeful!
  8. arizonablue

    Freshly emerged luna moth

    I got two luna moths and two regal moths from Nathan a while ago (thanks!), and the first luna moth emerged yesterday, a few weeks after being liberated from overwintering in the refrigerator. She (I think) is perfect and so fuzzy and cute I can hardly stand it. I'm glad I thought to cover up my birdcage to prevent my lovebird from turning her into a snack, because the moth made a beeline for it and hung onto the cloth I draped it with.
  9. arizonablue

    Dynastes tityus

    That's a beautiful beetle! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  10. arizonablue

    Any experience with palo verde beetle grubs?

    I'm surprised too! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wanted to try to give it a shot since their tree fell over, poor things. If this larva makes it all the way to a beetle, that will be amazing. It's a big one, so it may just be developed enough that it can make it the rest of the way without its ideal food, I don't know. Cross your fingers for me!
  11. arizonablue

    Any experience with palo verde beetle grubs?

    In case anyone is interested in an update -- the second, smaller larva was dead a day or two after I posted when I checked the container. It may have been stressed out after being removed from its tree (they came from someone who found them after a tree uprooted and didn't know what to do with them). The big one seems to still be going strong, and it has been eating the apple and potato. I haven't checked on how much it has eaten because I don't want to bother it too much, but it has been yanking the potato all over the place and it's looking rather chewed. The apple also looks like it's been nibbled on. I'm not exactly optimistic, but so far so good!
  12. Does anyone have any experience or information on raising Derobrachus germinatus / palo verde beetle larvae? I have two and have been unable to find much information on caring for the grubs. I've found anecdotal reports that they can be raised on apple slices, but mine don't seem to show much interest in apple. (Or carrot, for that matter.) I will be offering potato and squash as well, as everything I have been able to find indicates that they eat tree roots for the starches contained in them. Currently they are in substrate of mostly compost and oak chunks. I haven't seen the second larva recently but one of them is cruising around the bottom of the cup and seems in good health.
  13. arizonablue

    Megasoma punctulatus Surfacing

    How's the ventilation in your container? Larva will come to the surface if there isn't enough air, which is a possibility if it's acting lethargic, so you might check to make sure the air holes aren't plugged up. It could also be preparing to molt or pupate and is wandering around to find the right spot. Sometimes larva will just hang out on top of the sub for a little while for no reason.
  14. arizonablue

    Male D. tityus

    My D. tityus pair has been burrowed under the substrate for months now, and I finally got impatient enough to dig them up for a photo shoot. The male in particular is stunning. The female has a duller color but hopefully she will be a good breeder and I'll get some eggs from them! I haven't been keeping them cold, so maybe now that I've bothered them they'll decide to come up and eat soon!
  15. arizonablue

    Gymnetis caseyi pupating!

    I decided against opening any of the cells, put them back in the same container, and about a month later the beetles emerged on the surface.