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  1. Hyperdistortia

    State of the Hobby(TM)

    Time to move to California and breed ALL the stag beetles. There, my little C. metallifer finae will be safe...
  2. Some cute pictures of my little C. metallifer finae. He's a minor for sure, but I still think he's pretty cool.
  3. Hyperdistortia

    For The Love Of...

    "A good portion of hobbyists got their first A. dichotoma because they ran into a vendor and could not resist the beetle's charm. In the beginning, they only bought a beetle or two without any long-term plans. But after bringing them home, they found out that these are absolutely fascinating creatures. Then they wanted to breed them. And that was the beginning of no ending." --Jonathan Ting Lai, For The Love Of Rhinoceros And Stag Beetles 3rd. Edition This quote always reminds me of how I got into the hobby.
  4. Hyperdistortia

    Beetle Wish List

    Right? I love the almost cardboard-like texture they have and their cute eyes and horn. That species looks like the weevil equivalent of long-arm scarabs, haha. I think my favorite weevil species has to be the one with little red tips at the ends of their legs and I think they're called clown-shoe weevils.
  5. Hyperdistortia

    Beetle Wish List

    Bit of a little-known species, and not in the hobby from what I can tell, but Spodistes beltianus is a really cool rhino with cute eyes ❤️
  6. Hyperdistortia

    Beetle Party

    Fun seeing so many species in one shot!
  7. Hyperdistortia

    Dynastes Alcides?

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying that for me, Goliathus.
  8. Hyperdistortia

    Dynastes Alcides?

    So, what you're saying is that it's irrelevant whether they're separate species or not since they can all, to some degree, hybridize and produce fertile/viable offspring? Makes sense. I just want to know if it's ok to call D. hercules lichyi that or just say D. lichyi.
  9. Hyperdistortia

    Dynastes Alcides?

    Ah, then mystery solved. Thanks, Goliathus. Also, I'm reading this paper, and from my understanding, it seems to be saying that there should really not be as many subspecies of D. hercules as we describe, right? And that they should really be classified as wholly different species. For example, instead of D. hercules lichyi we should just say D. lichyi. Am I correct in this? https://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/handle/2027.42/138820
  10. Hyperdistortia

    Dynastes Alcides?

    Hey, guys. So, as a junior evolutionary biologist, I get quite excited about learning who came first and what the most recent common ancestor of which species is which. But then I stumbled onto this -- Dynastes alcides? I've never heard of this species before. I have to assume it lives somewhere in the Americas since the map says it's closely related to both Dynastes hercules and Dynastes neptunus. So, does anyone know anything at all about this species? Is it new or is the map wrong? And am I reading this map right?
  11. Hyperdistortia

    Strategus aloeus

    Nice! Love the coloration and horn structure on this species!
  12. Hyperdistortia

    Hello from Northeast Florida

    Isn't it cool? My girlfriend took me there last summer and I had an absolute blast. Fell in love with the atlas beetle on display near the front.
  13. Hyperdistortia

    Poseable Stag Beetle on Kickstarter!

    This looks awesome. Will try to back this when I can.
  14. Hyperdistortia

    Where To Find Dynastes Tityus?

    So, head into random forest and put my flashlight/hands into the holes/crevices and if I do this enough I will have larvae of some sort, huh?
  15. Hyperdistortia

    Where To Find Dynastes Tityus?

    Thank you, Pewrune, for the invaluable advice. I'm thinking I'll go on regular walks into the woods/near gas stations and see if I get lucky. As far as buying goes, I'm about to buy some Dynastes hercules lichyi and Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis larvae, and so I'm wanting some already adult D. tityus. Does anyone know of anyone else selling male imago of the species?