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  1. Hyperdistortia

    Where To Find Dynastes Tityus?

    So, head into random forest and put my flashlight/hands into the holes/crevices and if I do this enough I will have larvae of some sort, huh?
  2. Hyperdistortia

    Where To Find Dynastes Tityus?

    Thank you, Pewrune, for the invaluable advice. I'm thinking I'll go on regular walks into the woods/near gas stations and see if I get lucky. As far as buying goes, I'm about to buy some Dynastes hercules lichyi and Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis larvae, and so I'm wanting some already adult D. tityus. Does anyone know of anyone else selling male imago of the species?
  3. Hyperdistortia

    Do you name your beetles?

    I once had a DHH larva that I named "Metalito". Metalito means "small, metal one" in Spanish, referring to the sheen of the elytra DHH posses. My grandma saw the imago and suggested the name. He did not make it to adulthood, though, so RIP Metalito :/
  4. Hey, guys. Long time since I posted, but since summer is just around the corner, and my A. dichotoma (Or Trypoxylus dichotomus? Which is it?) are pupating soon, I'm thinking that I need to get them some friends. So, my question is: where is the best place to find imago and/or larvae of D. tityus in southern Mississippi? Hattiesburg, MS to be specific. And are there any other cool species I should be on the look out for? Does Lucanus elaphus live here?
  5. Hyperdistortia

    Male D. tityus

    WHOA. WAIT A MINUTE. D. tityus actually has 2 little horns? I did not know this. All this time I've been ignoring it because if its size. D. neptunus is my favorite rhino beetle, but this is like the cute, little version of it.
  6. Hyperdistortia

    Dynastes Tityus Mating :)

    Dude, that's like a magazine-quality picture! Gratz on the mating, too!
  7. Hyperdistortia

    New guy here, wassup beetle forum

    Welcome, dude! Protip: always have the substrate ready before you buy larvae/imago instead of making impromptu trips Into The Woods for some rotting oak/beech/whatever.
  8. Hyperdistortia

    Lucanus elaphus male

    Woot! Gorgeous male! Good luck on rearing them! Any plans on selling some of the possible larvae?
  9. Quick, someone Photoshop a picture of a kabutomushi in Jackson, MS.
  10. Alright, no soy for the grubs, haha. Wouldn't want giant kabutomushis taking over Mississippi. Or would we?
  11. Also, I have some Bob Red's Premium Soy Protein Powder. I've heard mixing this in with the substrate is good for growing big beetles/major males (I'm not quite sure about this, though). But that if you have too much in the substrate it will attract mites. Should I even bother with the stuff? Will it yield good results? https://imgur.com/a/rogeq
  12. Thanks, guys. I'm gonna have to postpone the search until tomorrow because of the hurricane. Any good tips for finding rotting fallen oak trees?
  13. Gotcha. I'm gonna be doing the wood/leaf collecting tomorrow. The wood needs to be rotting and should come apart by hand pretty easily, right? And the leaves have to be broad-leaf, but I'm not sure what color ones to get. Are the freshly fallen orange ones ok, or do I need something that's been dead for a couple of months? And what was that ratio again?
  14. Hey, guys. Overly-cautious Hyperdistortia back at it again with the substrate questions. Ok, so I know good A. dichotoma substrate needs to be mostly leaf litter and rotten oak or beech wood. It also needs to be VERY fine as to allow the larvae to consume it faster so they can spend less time chewing and more time just growing (I think). So, once I go Into The Woods and find some rotten or decaying pieces of oak and lots of dead leaves, how do I mix and grind them to a fine substrate? Do you guys usually go to a sawmill place and ask to use their wood chippers or something? Again, thanks for all the info, guys. I really want to make sure I can actually go through with raising larvae into imago and that I'm not inept, haha.
  15. Hyperdistortia

    Favorite animal and why?

    As far as pets go, my family's always had labrador retrievers. We had one named Mark and another I named Tobi. We also have a female German Shepherd named Veronica. As for my favorite animal, it's obviously a beetle! Three-way tie between Megasoma elephas elephas, Dynastes neptunus, and Chalcosoma atlas. I also have tremendous love for all species of sloths, ostriches, and the two emus at the zoo where I work, Martha and George.