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    Kingman AZ

    Hey guys I was wondering know any species of beetles found around Kingman AZ I am looking for some amazing beetles but I don't really want to buy some and have a risk of being destroyed. Know and good places close here that I can go out and look for larvae beetles etc?
  2. Death

    Eusattus muricatus

    Those are nice! i would certainly buy some!@2
  3. Death

    All my elephant stag larvae have died :(

    I do not know its sad though i spent $12 of each
  4. This mornig i found out my larvae are dead they broke my heart
  5. Death

    Hello! From AZ

    thank you!
  6. Death

    Hello! From AZ

    I love beetles even though i only have 2 Rainbow dung beetles and 2 elepant stag beetles they are still cool!